Iindak Na Lamang Ba Sa Tibok Ng Puso Mo?

Armi Millare's voice is just a breath of fresh air, don't you think? This song, even if I just downloaded it a couple of weeks ago, has now paved its way to my Top 25 Most Played songs on my iTunes. I just can't seem to get enough of it! :)

Makikinig ba ako sa aking isip na dati pa namang magulo o iindak na lamang sa tibok ng puso mo at aasahan ko na lamang bang hindi mo aapakan ang aking mga paa? Pipikit na lamang at magsasayaw habang nanonood siya.

To those who don't understand Tagalog, the song's theme revolves around a torn between two lovers kind of thing.

Anyway, here are some photos from this week. I used my Blackberry and webcam in most of them, so please excuse the quality. Hihi.

Kitchen of Cakes and Coffee bonding with my best friend Desa, and her other best friend Vana:

Top from Kitschen

Really yummy bacon and cheese soup

White chocolate sansrival

Art in Action second term:

My new purchases from Forever 21:

These were such a steal! I'm not really a sneaker person, but I realized it's because of my lack of sneakers. When I saw these, I just had to buy them! Also, I couldn't decide which color to take, so I got both :p

Today I watched Paranormal Activity 3 with one of my best friends, Michelle. I'm a fan of horror movies because I hardly get scared but I tell ya, this movie freaked the hell out of me! It was pretty good, and I think it was the best among the three Paranormal movies. :)


I'm In Lesbians With You

Scott Pilgrim to Ramona Flowers. Me to Anne Curtis. HAH.

Photos grabbed off Tumblr. Gah, I have yet to buy my issue of Rogue!


I'm Sexy and I Know It

Party song of the moment. It made people go crazy on the dance floor last night (but nothing beats old school hits)! Happy happy birthday, Nor :-) your party was fun!

These are my only photos from last night since I forgot to bring my camera. I fell asleep after graduation and woke up rushing to the party. On the bright side, I didn't really miss anything. Party cranked up at midnight and that's where the fun begun ;-) it was such a bittersweet night, but nevertheless, it was still awesome. Good drinks, good music, good company.

Can't wait to party hard again!

Malaysia Photo Diary Part 3

My last hurrah before finally graduating from college! :)

ASEAN Universities Festival of Arts 2011
October 5-11, 2011