LSDC at Remix 09

For those of you who don't know, Remix is an inter-Lasallian dance competition organized by the La Salle Dance Company. Here are some pictures of the performances of LSDC from last Thursday's (October 22, 2009) Remix 09:

Opening number (One Tribe, I Gotta Feeling)

LSDC-Street's Skechers 5 eliminations piece

Spot number: Panata Sa Bayan (Guitar, People [only Jazz], Multong Bakla [only Street], Tatsulok)

Photos: Francis Fabie

More pictures soon!



Here's a little something I found on Tumblr. :-)

I want someone.
I need someone.
Someone to like.
Someone to devote all my attention to.
Someone to keep.
Someone to keep me.
Someone to dream about.
Someone to think about.
Someone to inspire me.
Someone to do spontaneously absurd, almost weird but sweet things with.
Someone to care for.
Someone to keep.
Someone to keep me.
Someone to pray for.
Someone to work for.
Someone to tell my problems to.
Someone to listen to.
Someone to befriend.
Someone to go through life with.
Someone to be brave for.
Someone to be strong for.
Someone to live for.
Someone to make it worth it.
Someone to make it all better.
Someone to eat ice cream with.
Someone to crush on.
Someone to continue crushing on.
Someone to keep.
Someone to keep me.
Someone to put up with me.
Someone to remember me.
Someone to be happy for.
Someone to be happy with
Someone to make me remember things.
Someone to remind me what I have to do.
Someone to talk to and not get bored doing so.
Someone to keep me interested.
Someone to keep me interesting.
Someone to keep me.
Someone to keep.
Someone to be herself and lovely at that.
Someone to make me all who I could be.
Someone to like, and maybe more.

Can this someone please be you? ;-)


Drunk Mouths Speak Sober Hearts

I hope it's true. :-)

I still can't seem to get over Saturday night (especially with what has been the topic of my conversations with friends for the past few weeks. Still hasn't ended!!!! I love being a teenager :-P)! Good times. Drunk mouths hopefully do speak sober hearts!

Currently listening to:
Blame it on the goose, got you feelin' loose
Blame it on the 'tron, catch me in the zone
Blame it on the a-a-a-a-a-alcohol

Awesome song. Sets the mood. :-P

Ok now it's time to sleep. :-)


Chinese Pink Party

October 17, 2009
Cynch and Bianca's Chinese Pink Party! Good times, again. ;-)

Cynch and Bianca. :-)
DLSU friends!
Me & my boys Brian and Dex!
Me & my girls Pico and Ange! :-P
G&Q oversized top, People are People skirt, So Fab heels

Wasted night, but it was filled with good vibes. :-)

More pictures on Facebook and Multiply!


It's One Tribe, Ya'll

Just like last year, we (LSDC-Jazz) danced in the Catholic Mass Media Awards. This year's theme was technologic, digital, modern... so our dance piece was kinda hiphop. It was also contemporary, but it wasn't too jazzy. We opened the show dancing to Black Eyed Peas' One Tribe. :-) then at the latter part of the show, half of us danced to the theme song of the tv show May Bukas Pa.

I personally think this year's CMMA was better than last year's!

There's nothing much to say, so let me leave you guys with a couple of pictures I took from the event:

HTF girls!
Me and Reese :-)
La Salle Dance Company - Jazz. ♥
With Kyle Balili, the singer of the May Bukas Pa theme song.
My hair's so long already!
Santino from May Bukas Pa! He is such a cutie pie. :3 he's so tiny!
Camwhoring with Reese and ate Gayle while waiting for the van!
Topshop rust-colored shirt, H&M jacket, black pants, Havaianas pink flip-flops
I'm not used to wearing slippers out of the house anymore! Since the implementation of the dress code in school, my Havaianas have only become house slippers. Poor them. :-( this pink pair was my very first one and it seems to be the ultimate survivor! All my other pairs are either on the verge of giving up on me already or they have already given up (aka napigtas na xD) :))

More pictures to be uploaded tomorrow in Multiply and Facebook. :-)


One Less Lonely Girl

Music video

Behind the scenes

I love Justin Bieber. :-) this video is just so kilig! And they finally got a pretty girl for the video. ;-)


Two In One

2 debuts in 1 night (10.10.09)! Good times, good times. :-) I finally got to take Jacob (my camera) out!

1. Chat's debut
Held at Ayala Hillside Estates Social Club

Photobooth pictures ♥
La Salle friends!
I love this picture. :-)
18 talents: Zehry and Ange playing the violin for Chat
18 talents: me dancing for Chat :-)
18 talents: Coach Nino choreographing!
Nikki and Gaile wore similar "easy access" dresses!
Happy birthday, love!

2. Genie's debut
Held at 55 Events Place
I arrived extremely late! Past midnight, actually. Went there straight from Chat's :-) I'm glad that people were still there--mostly my high school friends! Ended up hanging out with them til 3 am at Mcdo.

Sheena and Bea
Lucy, I missed you so much!
Whaddup, Justin!
Hotties Tin and Tricia ;-)
Happy birthday, Genie!
Mmm... couple alert? LOL. Jan and Jake
Hanging out at Mcdo. Tin, Genie, Tricia
Me and Mikko

Fun times with blockmates and high school friends. :-) there was something missing though, but the night was still fun. :-)

More photos on my Multiply! I can't seem to upload on Facebook. :-(