It's One Tribe, Ya'll

Just like last year, we (LSDC-Jazz) danced in the Catholic Mass Media Awards. This year's theme was technologic, digital, modern... so our dance piece was kinda hiphop. It was also contemporary, but it wasn't too jazzy. We opened the show dancing to Black Eyed Peas' One Tribe. :-) then at the latter part of the show, half of us danced to the theme song of the tv show May Bukas Pa.

I personally think this year's CMMA was better than last year's!

There's nothing much to say, so let me leave you guys with a couple of pictures I took from the event:

HTF girls!
Me and Reese :-)
La Salle Dance Company - Jazz. ♥
With Kyle Balili, the singer of the May Bukas Pa theme song.
My hair's so long already!
Santino from May Bukas Pa! He is such a cutie pie. :3 he's so tiny!
Camwhoring with Reese and ate Gayle while waiting for the van!
Topshop rust-colored shirt, H&M jacket, black pants, Havaianas pink flip-flops
I'm not used to wearing slippers out of the house anymore! Since the implementation of the dress code in school, my Havaianas have only become house slippers. Poor them. :-( this pink pair was my very first one and it seems to be the ultimate survivor! All my other pairs are either on the verge of giving up on me already or they have already given up (aka napigtas na xD) :))

More pictures to be uploaded tomorrow in Multiply and Facebook. :-)


Elisha said...

Santino is so cute! Hahaha! I saw him rin before he's so tiny pala no?

♥ Erika Tan said...

Yeah! Can't believe he's 8!

Nixie loves G. ohhhh! said...

I super loooove that first pic of you girls. Yung HTF girls! Hot niyong apat! wooo! And Reese is so adorable. But so are you, quidoth loves. :) <3 MV should see that. :)) HAHHAHA

♥ Erika Tan said...

Who the hell is G?! =))