Skechers Streetdance Battle 5

KEEP THE FAITH! Woot, Animo La Salle!

Skechers Streetdance Battle Year 4 champions, the La Salle Dance Company-Street, bagged 2nd place this year.

Last night was extremely awesome! I love attending events like this because I get to see tons of my dancer friends. :-) congratulations to all the winners as well!

High School category:
  • Champions: Hataw (Claret)
  • 2nd place: Airforce (LSGH)
  • 3rd place: Indak (Ateneo)
College category:
  • Champions: UP Street (UP Diliman)
  • 2nd place: LSDC-Street (DLSU)
  • 3rd place: CADs (Ateneo)
Sorry, I don't have pictures. :| I brought my digicam but I didn't get to use it. I was more focused on watching than taking photos. xD I will just snag some online next time. :-)


Congratulations LSDC-Street, CADs, UP Street, Airforce, Indak & Hataw!!! :-D


November Playlist

aka the songs that have been on repeat on my iTunes for the past few weeks.
  • Vanilla Twilight - Owl City
  • The Saltwater Room - Owl City
  • If My Heart Was A House - Owl City
  • Fireflies - Owl City
  • Bad Romance - Lady Gaga
  • Christmas Tree - Lady Gaga
  • Replay - Sean Kingston
  • Catch Me - Demi Lovato
  • Meet Me Halfway - Black Eyed Peas
  • This Ain't Sex - Usher
  • Bad Girl - Usher
Last month was my Broadway month: the Spring Awakening soundtrack was on loop. This time, Owl City's dominating my playlist. WOO I LOVE OWL CITY :-)

So tell me darling do you wish we'd fall in love?

Two Weeks In A Nutshell

Hello, friends! It's been a quite some time since I last updated you guys with shenanigans in my life. I'm sorry if I haven't been posting. I've been really busy these past few days, updating this hasn't really been a priority. But now that I'm here... I'll try my best to congest everything in this post :-)

So where do I begin?

The first week of November was pretty awesome for me. It was filled with good good vibes! The whole week, Owl City was keeping me company. My planner's filled with their song lyrics! Vanilla Twilight's my personal favorite. :-)

The spaces between my fingers are right where yours fit perfectly ♥

1. 11/06/09 -- the only BV day of the first week of November. We (LSDC-Contemporary) were asked to perform in the Englicom Alumni Homecoming thing in Wack-Wack. We danced our CMMA & Remix piece again, One Tribe. :-) The call time was early, the show was supposed to start at 7, we ended up dancing at around 10pm. We waited for so long! Plus my phone died. :-( during the long wait, sir Peter, Reese, ate Cams and I went to Shang to just kill time and have some yogurt. :-)

2. 11/07/09 -- spent the day with Inno and Desa! The last time I saw Inno before this day was in New Year! That was a long time ago @-) so I'm glad to have spent this day with them. :-) hung out in Trinoma a bit. Had Red Mango! I can never say no to froyo. :-) since there were too many people in the mall, we decided to hang out in Desa's house instead. Desa had a debut to go to at night so Inno and I brought her to the venue then we hung out in Starbucks Katipunan instead. 20 Questions :>

Desaaaaaa :-)

3. 11/08/09 -- got a new phone (Samsung Star :-D)! And finally watched This Is It before it was off the cinemas. :-) a lot of people told me that it was boring, but I didn't get bored at all! I actually thought it was incomplete :-( some of the songs I was waiting for didn't come out :|

Hello, cutie. :-)

4. 11/13/09 -- Dozen Delights; DLSU Innersoul concert. Just like last year, Innersoul invited us, LSDC-Contemporary, to perform. We danced to Roam. LSDC-Street performed too. They danced to Ne-yo's Mad. :-)

LSDC-Contemporary! From L-R: Gab, Yra, Erix (me!), Cams, Reese, Issay
*roam if you want to, roam around the world* *take it hip to hip, rock it through the wilderness*

5. 11/15/09 -- At The Ballet; ENDC recital. It's been two years since I quit ballet but I still visit the school from time to time. This year, I ushered during their recital. It made me miss dancing ballet :-( they did Swan Lake this year! I'm so jealous :-( Rozel did amazing as Odette. They also did Gamzatti (La Bayadere) and Katrene was awesome. I swear, that kid will go places. Ballet would definitely be her career. After the recital, Mica, ate Yves and I had dinner at Eastwood. We ended up at Cheesecake, Etc. because their flavored beer attracted us. :-P and again, I had Red Mango. :-) *I'm glad I brought my SLR this day!*

People I miss a lot. :-)
Judy: small but terrible. She may look innocent and like such a baby, but believe me, this little girl's a bitch. HAHAHAHAHA I love you Judy. :-P
Pretty Rozel. :-) I think I should start shooting portraits and headshots. HAH.
Flavored beer! Raspberry and butterscotch. :-)
Me, ate Yves & Mica. :-)

So basically those were the huge events that happened in the past two weeks. Academically-wise, I think I've been doing ok. I can feel the finals week approaching already! I'm starting to feel a bit stressed about things. I didn't get the advanced enrollment slot this term. :-( I'm enrolling on Friday. I wish I would still be able to get my preferred schedule!

I haven't been taking outfit photos recently. Sorry guys :-( I have a new pair of shoes I'm excited to show you guys! Dad got them for me from Charles & Keith in Singapore. I wanted him to get me a different pair but he said they weren't available then. I checked here and it was, but when I was about to purchase it the week after, it wasn't there anymore :-( but anyway, I'm happy with what my dad got me. I wore it to the recital, but unfortunately I wasn't able to take pictures. :| will do so the next time I wear them so watch out! ;-)

I seriously cannot wait for the Christmas break!

PS. I'm so excited for New Moon on Friday! JACOOOOOBBLACK :x and Skechers the day after! Wooot go LSDC-Street!

Photos: tumblr (Vanilla Twilight, This Is It), Desa Baking (Inno & Desa), Brent Chua (Dozen Delights)


Halloween 2009

Belated happy Halloween, guys!

I didn't dress up this year :-( but we did sort of celebrate yesterday. My relatives and I went to Rockwell to go trick or treating supposedly, but for some weird reason, Rockwell postponed it to today without prior notice. Poor kids! There were a lot of trick or treaters yesterday :-(

We were supposed to transfer to Greenbelt 5 but we didn't and had dinner instead. We had KFC and Lulu Belle (thanks ate Bea!). I finally have a Jordi Labanda notebook!

Anyway, pictures from yesterday:

Ate Bea, mama, Marty, Issa and me. :-)
Topshop shirt, Zara cardigan, vintage elephant pants, necklace, Charles & Keith sandals, Chanel bag
Zoie as a Hawaiian girl and Marty as the Queen of Hearts!
Zoie is such a cutie, don't you think? :-)
Aahhhhhhh, my two favorites! Lulu Belle & Royce ♥
The Little Train That Could!
Poor kids didn't get any candy from the stores :-(

Happy Halloween again, my friends!

Happy Birthday Sir Peter!

Wednesday night: we (LSDC) surprised Sir Peter for his birthday! Thinking that we made his birthday last year a rather awful one (sorry sir!), we decided to make this year special! It wasn't a huge celebration. We just presented a 10-minute avp and ordered some food from Yellow Cab and Amber. We continued with our Remix post-prod after (work work work!), but we're glad that our surprise made his day. :-) team surprise, we're awesome like that B-)

Mirror image! Issay, what a genius thing! [coz the wall across is covered in mirrors (it's a dance studio)] :-)
Sir Peter in his "yema chair"!
Team Marketing :-)
Team Prod! :-D [whoops, sorry about the tummy slip!]
Yey happy birthday sir Peter!

Friday night: sir Peter's party at Nato's! I was supposed to attend a Halloween party with my high school friends but I didn't have a costume and I didn't know how to go to the venue, so I went to sir Peter's instead since it was only a walking distance from my house :-) I had so much fun with LSDC, Animo Squad and Powerdance!

LSDC girls :-D
Sir Peter performing as usual :-)
Red Horse! We had 3 beer towers. Haven't had that much beer in my life, ever! Well that's just cause I don't really like beer. I prefer hard liquor. Unfortunately, the mixed drinks were too strong that night so I settled for beer. :-P
Steffi, Gio, ate Meg, ate Justine, kuya Josh, Eli and ate Pre :-) woot LSDC + Animo Squad (+ Gio haha)!

PS. I just realized that I wore red stripes on both events :-P