Happy Pink Lips

Hey guys! Sorry about the lack of updates :( I haven't been taking any photos recently hence no blog posts :( my life has been pretty eventful this month, though! Pretty busy academics-wise but I still managed to sneak in some fun in between. I also just had my retreat the other day and unexpectedly, I thought it was insightful! I think January 2011 went pretty well for me. Such a good way to start the year. :)

Moving on to the main focus of this blog post...

MAC Satin lipstick in Pink Nouveau

After a few months, I FINALLY HAVE MY PINK NOUVEAU! :) I am a happy bee. Thank you tita Bambi!

Til next time everyone xx will try my best to keep on posting!


Meet Mr. Topman and Ms. Forever 21 x Shopping Buddies for Life!

Let me introduce you guys to Mathew Chang, my favorite shopping buddy for life! :)

Topman plaid jeans, Topman baseball jacket, Topman (?) polo, Topman bowtie, Topman ring, Milano shoes -- hello mister Topman!
Photos and post-processing by: me
Styling by: Mathew (and a lil of me hihi)

He is one of the few fashionista guy friends I have. I swear I think he can put up a Topman and Zara store on his own with his own closet! ;p I love how we would usually bump into each other on our "porma days" in school--and this term, we both promised that everyday would be "porma day" yay us ♥ so Lasallians, if by any chance you spot a tall girl who's even taller in heels and probably in a high-waisted skirt and a guy who's in (almost) head to toe Topman along Agno or Starbucks, that most probably would be me and Mathew ;p

Another reason I love love love Mathew is that it's not only because of fashion that we get along, but it's also mostly because we share the same taste in music! Mathew, by the way, is a singer and a violinist as well. He is currently a member of the Pops Orchestra/Lasallian Youth Orchestra (the group in which I was adopted into last Christmas ♥) :)

PLUS WE WEAR THE SAME SIZE! HAHAHAHA I am so glad I can borrow some of his stuff if I wanna achieve boyish or androgynous looks. Like for example, I can totally borrow the baseball jacket he's wearing in the photos above! :)

You'll probably be seeing more of him on my blog from now on!

Now moving on to... me. I haven't been able to take outfit photos recently because there was no one to take them or I was too busy to have them taken. Here are two outfits, though. The first one's what I wore to the first day of school styled by yours truly and my roommate, Grai. After styling she told me that she would take my photos before I stepped out so here are the results:

Forever 21 black top, Forever 21 tulip skirt, Forever 21 tawny wedges, thrifted cropped military jacket (owned by Grai), Swatch watch, So Fab ring
Photos by: Grai Alvar
Post-processing by: me
Styling by: Grai and me

It pays to have a fashion photographer as a roommate! ;p

This next one's what I wore some time this week--probably one of my favorite looks! Too bad my roommate wasn't around (she was in Boracay!) so I guess we'd have to do with these mirror photos I took :(

Unbranded black top, Forever 21 skirt, Parisian wedges, People are People fedora (owned by Mathew)
Photos, post-processing and styling by: me

My Canon 30D's still sick so for the mean time I'm borrowing my aunt's Nikon D90 which I use mostly for school videos :D

I've been meaning to try something new for quite some time now, I'll let you guys know about it as soon as I get myself into it! So for now, let's just sit back and relax, haha. I'm crossing my fingers, though -- to a better and richer future (aka more shopping escapades)! :p


Last Hurrah For The Holidays (II)

Here's part two, just as I promised! :) more photos yay ♥

My photobucket isn't cooperating well, so I couldn't upload the rest of the photos :( all photos by Cheska Alejandro!

I've only been in school for a week and it's getting kinda hectic already! I was also forced to file a leave of absence from my organization (La Salle Dance Company - Contemporary) due to my hectic academic schedule :( I'll only be taking a leave from performing though, I'd still be doing my work as an officer. :)

I usually really dress up in school when I feel stressed, and so far I have been dressing up but I have no one to take my outfit photos. :( so far I only have one which I'll be saving for my next post I guess. The rest I guess I'd have to do away with mirror photos. :( (I especially love what my outfit for today is! Will try to post it next time as well)


Last Hurrah For The Holidays (I)

GCP (now) annual New Year's party last Monday night! :) it was a really simple get-together -- dinner and a couple of drinks and games! It's so cute, we're all growing up (meaning: mature content HAHAHA)! ♥

1. GCP 2008 is loooove ♥
2. solo shots for the night for everyone! Here's mine :) and lookie, I had my hair colored!
3. with the kiddies! Peter, included. :))
4. I was the only one who followed rules: wear heels!
5. with the Ateneans and the cute high school couple :)
6. my best friend Desa
7. playing our awesome game of Truth!
8. Bell and I -- Hannah Tan in the making! :P

And of course.. my outfit for the night!

Forever 21 tube top, Forever 21 bandage skirt, Parisian wedges, random accessories

All photos by Desa Baking :) part II as soon as the others upload photos! :D

PS. I am actually blogging from class right now. Today's the first day back! :( this term's gonna be a real busy one for me -- thesis production (we're shooting three music videos!), OJT, Rockdancelebration.... haaay :( I've got no more time to chill :( not much time to blog anymore, either! But I'll try my best to update you guys as much as I can! :D


We Could Wait For The Fireworks

HAPPY 1.1.11, BABIES! Jumpjumpjump for the new year. ♥

As usual, New Year's Eve was spent at my grandmother's house along with my cousins. It pretty much gets less exciting every year, but at least we still get to light up our own fireworks (although the neighbors' fireworks are still better than ours) :)

1. for the first time, just one light was needed to write my name down!
2. before heading out to the street
3. me and my aunt Bambi
4. me and my grandma
5. cousin Issa and aunt Bambi
6. Issa and I
7. cousins Bea and Issa and I
8. our house help's son and some cute smoke effect!
9. neighbor's fireworks
10. & 11. ours :D

As soon as the clock hit midnight, I hopped my way to the street from the second floor of the house. HAHA. Then -- the obligatory jump shots! :)

Another obligatory shot -- the outfit shot!

Forever 21 top, Topshop skinny jeans, Forever 21 peep-toe wedges
Don't forget to hype me on lookbook and chictopia! :)

1. so cute how we were all in almost head to toe F21!
2. the Tan girls :) (w/o my mom though :( )

Photo spam from tonight ends here... but the celebration doesn't! New Year's lunch later. :)

2011, bring it on!

PS. my camera's still not fixed, hence the quality of my photos :(