Last Hurrah For The Holidays (I)

GCP (now) annual New Year's party last Monday night! :) it was a really simple get-together -- dinner and a couple of drinks and games! It's so cute, we're all growing up (meaning: mature content HAHAHA)! ♥

1. GCP 2008 is loooove ♥
2. solo shots for the night for everyone! Here's mine :) and lookie, I had my hair colored!
3. with the kiddies! Peter, included. :))
4. I was the only one who followed rules: wear heels!
5. with the Ateneans and the cute high school couple :)
6. my best friend Desa
7. playing our awesome game of Truth!
8. Bell and I -- Hannah Tan in the making! :P

And of course.. my outfit for the night!

Forever 21 tube top, Forever 21 bandage skirt, Parisian wedges, random accessories

All photos by Desa Baking :) part II as soon as the others upload photos! :D

PS. I am actually blogging from class right now. Today's the first day back! :( this term's gonna be a real busy one for me -- thesis production (we're shooting three music videos!), OJT, Rockdancelebration.... haaay :( I've got no more time to chill :( not much time to blog anymore, either! But I'll try my best to update you guys as much as I can! :D

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