We Could Wait For The Fireworks

HAPPY 1.1.11, BABIES! Jumpjumpjump for the new year. ♥

As usual, New Year's Eve was spent at my grandmother's house along with my cousins. It pretty much gets less exciting every year, but at least we still get to light up our own fireworks (although the neighbors' fireworks are still better than ours) :)

1. for the first time, just one light was needed to write my name down!
2. before heading out to the street
3. me and my aunt Bambi
4. me and my grandma
5. cousin Issa and aunt Bambi
6. Issa and I
7. cousins Bea and Issa and I
8. our house help's son and some cute smoke effect!
9. neighbor's fireworks
10. & 11. ours :D

As soon as the clock hit midnight, I hopped my way to the street from the second floor of the house. HAHA. Then -- the obligatory jump shots! :)

Another obligatory shot -- the outfit shot!

Forever 21 top, Topshop skinny jeans, Forever 21 peep-toe wedges
Don't forget to hype me on lookbook and chictopia! :)

1. so cute how we were all in almost head to toe F21!
2. the Tan girls :) (w/o my mom though :( )

Photo spam from tonight ends here... but the celebration doesn't! New Year's lunch later. :)

2011, bring it on!

PS. my camera's still not fixed, hence the quality of my photos :(

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Reg said...

yay for fireworks! we spent in subic and the subdivision we were in doesn't allow it :( happy new year erika :)