Alice in Wonderland


March 5, 2010. CAN'T WAIT!!!

Click the link to watch the trailer. For some annoying reason, the videos cannot be embedded.
Mia Wasikowska as Alice
Matt Lucas at Tweedledum and Tweedledee
Anne Hathaway as The White Queen
Helena Bonham Carter as The Red Queen
Johnny Depp as The Mad Hatter

If this is coming out in digital 3D, I am SO watching it in 3D!!!


American food, kiddie movies & frozen yogurt = <3

I thought today was going to be a lazy Sunday... I thought wrong. :-)

When I woke up, I went down to have brunch and found myself watching Alvin and the Chipmunks on Star Movies. After that, 13 Going on 30 came on! When that finished, I watched Knocked Up on HBO. My ninang called me up asking if I wanted to go out with them and I said yes because I had nothing to do anyway.

So my ninong and ninang picked me up at around 2:30 then off to Trinoma we went. We had late lunch at Friday's. I missed that place! Haven't had Friday's since my birthday 2-3 years ago! I was so stuffed after. So happy the UAAP game was on while eating! We had to leave before the game finished, though. But I'm happy La Salle won! I was cursing under my breath while eating every time Adamson gets the shot. :))

We watched Ice Age 3D after. I loved the 3D glasses! I wish I could've brought home a pair. :-( I love how three of the trailers shown were in 3D, too! Oh, Disney. :-)

Red Mango after! I'm a sucker for frozen yogurt, really. I had CaliforniaBerry yesterday and Red Mango today. I got large!!! With three toppings. Blueberries and grahams of course. My fave combination. Then I added some peaches. Just because it reminded me of Ice Age 3. Peaches, the baby mammoth. So cute. :-)

I got home pretty early. The day was so long, we were able to do all that and finish before 7:30 pm. :-)

Fornarina long-sleeved top, GAP tube top (used as belt), Terranova denim skirt, frog socks, Vans slip-ons

No school tomorrow! Yeyyy. :-) hopefully tomorrow wouldn't be a lazy Monday. I hate lazy days. I'm lazy enough myself! :-P

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Enjoying Lookbook.nu

Yes, I've found myself enjoying Lookbook.nu for the past two days. Thanks to Ryan for the invite! :-) browsing and hyping the outfits there made me want to buy more and more clothes, shoes and accessories!

  • My mom and I have an unscheduled Ukay-Ukay date. We were supposed to go yesterday but we were both broke so it got postponed. Can't wait to go there tho!

  • Mom met up with her cousin earlier and said that my ninang (her cousin) would be dropping off A LOT of her clothes that she doesn't wear anymore here at home FOR ME! I'm so excited to see them! As far as I can remember, she's one of my stylish godmothers so I really can't wait for what she's gonna give me. Of course all of those would be hand-me-downs but I don't care! Mom said most of them my ninang's worn only once or twice.

  • I just reserved something online now. It's an overall and it's really cute. It's for 750 pesos. I hope the seller replies. I really wanna get it :-)

  • I'm gonna call my grandma in the morning and ask her if we should go to the tiangge in the afternoon. I NEED NEW SHOESS!!!!!! Two of my favorite shoes got destroyed last week. :-( BV

Well that's it. Good night now!

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Join REMIX '09!!!

Hey Lasallians! Remix booth will be up on July 27 til August 14. Be sure to drop by! We'll be waiting for you. :-)


Iana at 2NE3

Iana, are you sure you're 23? :))

Anyway. Happy birthday to you!

Her party was held last night at Big Sky Mind. Just a small chill and drinks party with NWA people (aka my mom's friends). I went there as her representative. KIDDING. :)) well yeah my mom didn't go and I did. Free drinks for all of us! But I didn't drink a lot. Only half a glass, actually. & two jelly shots!

Pictures are from Mark Escay.

And earlier today, I had lunch at my grandma's house with my cousins. We went through old albums almost all afternoon! We saw tons of baby pictures, most of which we've seen for the first time!

Okay, gotta go study now. Bye. :-h


Half-Blood Prince

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince was asdfghjkl; AWESOME! I love it. I really do! It was kinda slow paced, but if you read the book, you'd think it was just right. A lot of parts were missing as expected, so there would have been "malabo" parts if you didn't read. But then again, if you read it, you'd understand :-)

I love how serious the movie is and how they were able to insert comedy in it. There was lots of comedy! The movie was really heavy, tho. I couldn't bare reading the death of Dumbledore, what more watching it! It was so painful. :-( and for the first time, I love how they ended the movie... even if it wasn't exactly how it ended in the book. :-)

Good job to you again, David Yates!

& Tom Felton ♥♥♥ you were amazing!!!

I'm watching again tomorrow morning. YEY!


Thanks To My Oxfords

Thanks to my oxfords, I was able to write a pretty decent feature article for IntPrin earlier. We were asked to write about our footwear. It was really random and at the same time difficult. Come on, who would write a full page article on the shoes you're wearing?

Fortunately for me, I had a story. I didn't write about my oxfords, but all thanks to them, I was able to write my story. And I'm gonna share my story to you!

Brown dress, vintage saddle shoes, belt from China, wayfarers

This is what I wore today (except for the shoes). It took me about 3 changes to finally decide on this one. I was choosing my outfit carefully for the shoes! Unfortunately, when I was about to step out of the house, the sole of the left shoe got off! Bummer, really. But thank God I was still at home. I was still able to change shoes. I didn't wanna wear sandals because of the possibility of rain earlier. I didn't wanna wear flats either, for some reason. I suddenly remembered my granma giving me her old classic beige Keds! I opted to wear that one instead.

And there goes my article. I used that story as the introduction (anecdotal) and talked about Keds being a classic and timeless piece.


Tonight's a free night for me. I've done all my homework during the weekend so I did nothing tonight. So this is the life of the non-procrastinator. I should start getting used to this. :))


Wanna be part of DLSU Radio?

Wanna be a part of DLSU Radio? Now's your chance!

Auditions are to be held
when: July 25, 1- 5 pm
where: V504
how: join greengiantrecruitment@yahoogroups.com and get application and details there.

for more info check out our official website: http://greengiantfm.dlsu.edu.ph or contact Green Giant members (DJ Rika - cityofangels_mc@yahoo.com)

Spread the word and tell your friends!



I finally have a pair and I got it for free (it says $12.99 on the tag, tho)! Where, you ask? From my grandmother's closet, of course! Good thing she doesn't throw or give away the stuff she doesn't get to wear anymore. I'm very thankful that she's kept a lot from her younger years! Recently, she's been giving me different pieces that was once stylish (during her time) and is starting to become a trend again. :-)

I want a pair of stiletto oxfords now!


Everyone Digs The Vintage Skirt

Long morning today, eh? Well that's how I felt. I set my alarm clock to 9 am and woke up at 9:45. I was able to do a lot of stuff before finally leaving for school at noon. It's weird cause normally, time would go by so fast and I wouldn't even feel the morning at all.

I got to school 10 minutes early. Class was okay. I noticed that I recite a lot in IntPrin... I think that's a good sign. :-) for IntBrod, however, well let's just say I was spacing out. But we had an activity earlier where we had to pretend to be standuppers. Our professor made us memorize a 3-sentence script and she had photo booth on and it was projected in front for the whole class to see. Everyone had their attempt and it was graded. Miss said I had pretty teeth! (why thank you Miss Mamawal. Unfortunately I refuse to wear my retainers now so my teeth wouldn't stay this pretty for long) :-P a lot of people complimented me on my outfit today! Haven't heard those in a long time. Here's what I wore:

Topshop white shirt, vintage printed skirt, belt from tiangge, Parisian flats

Everyone loved my skirt! It's vintage. :-D my granma kept it a long time ago and showed it to me recently, asking if it was my type. I hesitated at first but then I thought that I could keep it and just play around with it. And there ya go... my take on the vintage skirt. :-P thanks lola!

After school, mom and I went to Megamall. She went there to go bowling with tito Beej and me, for CaliforniaBerry! I've been craving for two weeks. I lounged there for about an hour, enjoying my froyo while reading HP6. Movie's coming out in a week!!!! :-D I've reserved my tickets for the 7:20 showing on thursday at G4.

Before leaving the mall, I got to browse through the stuff in Mango. They're still on sale! Too bad I wasn't prepared now. I saw a lot of stuff that I liked, like the skirt which cost 399php only! And a couple cardigans which were about 700php. Oh and of course I had my eyes on the sunnies. I saw the mirrored wayfarer type and it was only for 369php! GAH I WANTED TO GO AND GET IT ALREADY! But I wasn't prepared to spend for anything but CaliforniaBerry today. And I'm saving up to get myself a bottle of Gap Dream. :-( oh well, maybe next time. Hopefully it would still be there and it wouldn't cost more!


Something I'd Like To Do Again

Modeling! Hmmm... I wanna do ramp again.

I'm still kinda confused with what I really wanna do with my life right now. But so far I know I wanna try modeling again. HAHA. Now I'm gonna try to ask my friends who model (or my aunt again who hooked me up with the Mossimo thing last time) to hook me up :-D



Yep, I'm on self-quarantine right now. I was supposed to go to the doctor's today, I don't know why I haven't. :)) but mom called the university clinic awhile ago to ask if I could get the swab test for free in the Lung Center. Apparently that's only for CSB students. They're making me go to a hospital in the south. OH COME ON. I'd collapse halfway to the hospital!

Anyway. The clinic just advised me to stay home until I don't show any symptoms anymore. I can only go back to school 24 hours after I've completely recovered. Mom told me that a 10-day quarantine would be best for me right now.... so yeah. I'd do that :|

But it's kinda good to know that I'm not alone.

I have friends who are sick at home too. How unfortunate of us to share the same fate. :-(

The upside of this quarantine thing is that I get to study for my midterms (yeah right) and I get to rest (oh yes hallelujah). The downside, however, is that I wouldn't be able to dance on Sunday for Wifi. :-( good thing the Malaysia thing got postponed too, or else I wouldn't make it to the trip.

So what have I been doing since I've been bed ridden... hmmm.

Eating soup, drinking Coke (apparently now's the best time to drink Coke according to my grandparents! Electrolytes thingy yeahyeah I'm just drinking haha), eating chips, Oreos, drinking Gatorade, taking meds, drinking water, watching movies, Tumblr-ing, Facebook-ing, Twitter-ing and sleeping.

What a life. :-/