Yep, I'm on self-quarantine right now. I was supposed to go to the doctor's today, I don't know why I haven't. :)) but mom called the university clinic awhile ago to ask if I could get the swab test for free in the Lung Center. Apparently that's only for CSB students. They're making me go to a hospital in the south. OH COME ON. I'd collapse halfway to the hospital!

Anyway. The clinic just advised me to stay home until I don't show any symptoms anymore. I can only go back to school 24 hours after I've completely recovered. Mom told me that a 10-day quarantine would be best for me right now.... so yeah. I'd do that :|

But it's kinda good to know that I'm not alone.

I have friends who are sick at home too. How unfortunate of us to share the same fate. :-(

The upside of this quarantine thing is that I get to study for my midterms (yeah right) and I get to rest (oh yes hallelujah). The downside, however, is that I wouldn't be able to dance on Sunday for Wifi. :-( good thing the Malaysia thing got postponed too, or else I wouldn't make it to the trip.

So what have I been doing since I've been bed ridden... hmmm.

Eating soup, drinking Coke (apparently now's the best time to drink Coke according to my grandparents! Electrolytes thingy yeahyeah I'm just drinking haha), eating chips, Oreos, drinking Gatorade, taking meds, drinking water, watching movies, Tumblr-ing, Facebook-ing, Twitter-ing and sleeping.

What a life. :-/

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