Seems Like Everyone Woke Up To Bad News Today

RIP, Michael Jackson. :-( you will forever be loved. Thank you for sharing with us amazing music and dance skills! You are immortalized through all that. :-)

I wanna rock with you all night, dance you into day.

I cannot explain these things I feel for you.



Green Anthology

Pictures from last Friday's dance request (GreenAnthology - Frosh Welcoming Concert) where we, the LSDC-Jazz, danced Like A Star. :-)

Cams Tabaldo
Monica Villarica
Erika Tan
Gayle Penaranda
Reese Corpuz

Photos: AJ Galvan
More pictures at my Multiply. :-)

Slow Dancing in a Burning Room

Choreography, direction, concept and editing by the awesome Wade Robson.

Dancers: Ben Susak and Pam Chu

It's my dream to dance a piece like this. :-) I lovelovelove contemporary! I'm not good at it yet, though. The sloth needs a little more push. ;-)


Failed Attempts To Be Innocent

Photos from Kim's 19th birthday party:

This is how intense our attempt to be innocent failed. :))

More pictures at my Multiply :-)


Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amelie Poulain

The fabulous destiny of Amelie Poulain

I got to see this film in my INTFILM class this afternoon. It was a great film! I loved everything about it. I can't wait to see Audrey Tautou (the girl who played Amelie) in Coco Avant Chanel! :-) I won't review it here, though. Maybe next time. One of our homeworks is to create a 3-page paper on Amelie. I might just share it to you guys here when I finish it. :-)

Today was better, so much better, than yesterday. My heart had it's crazy time! First, when I got to school, I saw Chinese Boy after not seeing him for about 3 weeks. Then after class, I went to the RH and saw a lot of people (it kinda slipped my mind that it's the auditions of LSDC-Street today) and among them was Candy. When I got to the office, boomboomboom. I saw....hmmm how do I call him. Anyway, never mind. I saw someone and he was like "hey Erix! Long time!" yeaaah, long time. I miss him, actually. :-) then later on, two of the other guys I used to like talked to me. But then again, it's not really unusual for those two to talk to me since I see them almost everyday and we're friends.

It's just crazy how I saw them all today. Even though I don't have particular strong feelings for any one or all of them, my heart's happy. :-)

I wish my destiny's as fabulous as Amelie's!

Oh and Animo training today has been cancelled again. I don't know why, but I'm glad to be home early.

Without you, today's emotions would be the scurf of yesterday's.

A woman without love wilts like a flower without sun.


Inside My Bag

What’s inside my bag? :-)
(got the idea from http://insideyourbag.tumblr.com and I’m submitting this to them, too!)

So this is my favorite bag. I got it for less than a thousand pesos, would you believe that?! And it’s really spacious. I call it my magic bag! It’s like Hermione’s purse in book 7, but hers is definitely more magical ;-)

Now on to the contents of my bag…

1. Starbucks planner - I also use this as my diary/homework notebook/doodle notebook. It’s basically where I write everything. Well, almost everything.
2. Pencil case + pens - but of course! Colored pens are loooove. I want more!
3. Goody brush - which I also got for a really low price! I think I got it for 100 something a few years ago. It was on sale, or it was the last of the collection.
4. Alcohol - cause apparently I always itch. =))
5. Dunhill Frost - for occasional emergencies only! I don’t have my own lighter, tho.
6. Make-up - never really used this in high school, but it has become an essential in college. Can’t leave the house without concealer, foundation, eyeliner and lipgloss!
7. Nokia 6300 - my phone. I love this phone! I remember having an N92 before and I traded it in for a 6300 despite it being a lower-end phone. It’s so sleek and I think it really is the perfect phone! (I still want an E63/E71 tho!)
8. Ralph Lauren wallet - I have a bag that matches this wallet!
9. Tiny blue coin purse - cause my wallet can’t hold coins.
10. Sunglasses
11. iPod Touch - music on-the-go, of course! And for internet if I don’t bring my laptop around (my laptop’s huge). Oh and Tap Tap Revenge!!!!
12. iPod earphones/Skull Candy low rider - I bring both most of the time and I use whichever depending on my mood. :-)

Normally, my bag would contain more stuff like:

1. Umbrella - I lost it last week so obviously, it isn’t in my bag anymore. I need to get a new one :-(
2. Training clothes - because I go to dance/cheer training everyday.
3. Training shoes
4. Keys - lost them two weeks ago. Still can’t find them.
5. Casio Exilim EX-Z77 digital camera - it’s what I used to take the picture, so yeah.
6. Yellow pad - for school :-)

There you have it!

You, what’s inside your bag?


Browsing Forever21.com

While browsing Forever21.com, I found a lot of stuff that I would want to purchase myself but have a 0-5% chance in doing so even though they're affordable (shipping fee will make it not affordable :|). Here are some of them.





On the lighter note... Maybe I could have a dressmaker (my mom knows a lot) make clothes like those for me? And maybe I could find cardigans just like those somewhere else here? Oh and the shoes. :-j my mom knows a shoemaker and I could let her make me some awesome shoes. Maybe we could even copy Balenciaga or Louboutin! Who would know, right? :-)

Oh and I have yet to go to the other house to get my new cardigans and tops from Topshop and Zara! Weeee thank you tita Bambi. :-D


The Beautiful Life

The Beautiful Life on The CW (coming in the Fall. Can't wait!)

Mischa Barton and Sara Paxton do look alike! I love how Mischa's the bitch/diva here and Sara's like the Jenny Humphrey. :-P can't wait for this show to come out!

Freffy: Now you know.

Now I've told you, okay? Now you know.

I lovelovelove the Effy and Freddie shipping. This episode (series 3 episode 5) makes my heart melt! Effy and Freddie are so meant to be together. I can't wait to find out what happens between them in series 4 (2010 is way too far away from now tho :-( )!


Emma Watson For Burberry Fall 09

Who are you and what have you done to Hermione Granger? :-) -Ron Weasley, HP5

My love for this woman is growing. Emma Watson you have my heart!


Power Hour

Power Hour was awesome! Not really fantastic, but it was awesome. :-) thank you Desa B for putting me on the list! I finally had my first college party (considering I'm a sophomore. :|)

So I got to Desa's house at around 7 to start preparing for the party. We got to the venue at around 9 and there weren't much people yet. People started arriving at around 11-ish. Seems like the A(H1N1) virus didn't stop the Lasallians from going out! I saw tons and tons of Lasallians in the party. Oh and I'm a Lasallian myself, too! :-p

I met a lot of people but I can only remember about half of them. Come on, it was a party. ;-) it's crazy though that this guy I've been crushing on for quite some time talked to me and introduced himself to me! It isn't really an intense crushing kinda thing, though. It's more of a party eye-candy... cause I normally see him in parties (mostly of friends since we have tons of common friends xD). I hope he remembers me, though, so that we'd get to talk some more in the next party or when we see each other around Taft (he's from CSB!) :-)

The party ended an hour before it was supposed to... bummer. :| I ended up sleeping over at Desa's cause it was dangerous to take a cab home that late and I left most of my stuff at her house anyway.

Oh and note to self: never wear heels again to parties like that. MY FEET HURT LIKE CRAZY! I should've stuck to my sandals or flats. No more 4-inch heels to parties for me. No more. :-p besides, it made it difficult for me to dance!

Bai Capture. With Desa and her friends. :-)

Diane, Trish and me.

Kat, Desa and me.

With Tricia and Elisha!

Arty, Vergs, Desa and me. :-)

With Arty, Vergs, Trish and her friends.

The rest of the pictures are posted on my Facebook and Multiply accounts :-)