Inside My Bag

What’s inside my bag? :-)
(got the idea from http://insideyourbag.tumblr.com and I’m submitting this to them, too!)

So this is my favorite bag. I got it for less than a thousand pesos, would you believe that?! And it’s really spacious. I call it my magic bag! It’s like Hermione’s purse in book 7, but hers is definitely more magical ;-)

Now on to the contents of my bag…

1. Starbucks planner - I also use this as my diary/homework notebook/doodle notebook. It’s basically where I write everything. Well, almost everything.
2. Pencil case + pens - but of course! Colored pens are loooove. I want more!
3. Goody brush - which I also got for a really low price! I think I got it for 100 something a few years ago. It was on sale, or it was the last of the collection.
4. Alcohol - cause apparently I always itch. =))
5. Dunhill Frost - for occasional emergencies only! I don’t have my own lighter, tho.
6. Make-up - never really used this in high school, but it has become an essential in college. Can’t leave the house without concealer, foundation, eyeliner and lipgloss!
7. Nokia 6300 - my phone. I love this phone! I remember having an N92 before and I traded it in for a 6300 despite it being a lower-end phone. It’s so sleek and I think it really is the perfect phone! (I still want an E63/E71 tho!)
8. Ralph Lauren wallet - I have a bag that matches this wallet!
9. Tiny blue coin purse - cause my wallet can’t hold coins.
10. Sunglasses
11. iPod Touch - music on-the-go, of course! And for internet if I don’t bring my laptop around (my laptop’s huge). Oh and Tap Tap Revenge!!!!
12. iPod earphones/Skull Candy low rider - I bring both most of the time and I use whichever depending on my mood. :-)

Normally, my bag would contain more stuff like:

1. Umbrella - I lost it last week so obviously, it isn’t in my bag anymore. I need to get a new one :-(
2. Training clothes - because I go to dance/cheer training everyday.
3. Training shoes
4. Keys - lost them two weeks ago. Still can’t find them.
5. Casio Exilim EX-Z77 digital camera - it’s what I used to take the picture, so yeah.
6. Yellow pad - for school :-)

There you have it!

You, what’s inside your bag?

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