Boracay Photo Diary Part 2

Days four to six (or okay, five. We weren't able to take photos on the last day)!

My favorite bow and arrow ♥

Fail scorpion :(

Mint shisha!

Gold bikini bought here in Bora, jersey shorts from when I was still in high school, Ray-Ban aviators, purple swimsuit bought here in Bora also, People are People skirt, Marc Jacobs tote bag

As much as I loved it in Bora, I'm glad to be back home! Can't wait to go back to Bora during the summer though. :)

Christmas Wishlist

The particulars...

1. MAC Riveting nail polish in Black Enough?
2. MAC Fluidline gel liner in black
3. MAC Viva Glam Gaga
4. MAC lipstick in Pink Nouveau
5. The Face Shop concealer

And I would be really happy to receive money, new shoes, a large hoodie, a gold sequin dress, a cute laptop bag that would fit my 11.6" laptop perfectly, school clothes, bodycon dresses, oversized tote bags, and stuff to decorate the condo with. :)


Boracay Photo Diary Part 1

Days one to three. :)
Mmm, gelato. =p~
Henna tats that I plan to make permanent in the near future! ;p
Hello, mom.
Attempting to give myself a tan! It's not working so well. :(

Two more days left! As much as I love it here, I can't wait to go back to Manila.

White Havaianas, purple plaid top bought in Australia, vintage colorful bikini top, yellow Ray Ban wayfarers, SM denim shorts, Marc Jacobs tote, Fila jogging shorts, Lae bandeau, unbranded fuschia shorts, camera necklace given by a friend, floppy hat bought here in Bora, Ray Ban aviators

Inspiration 1126

1. seaofshoes
2.-5. willabelle
6. lovely photo set of Rachel Bilson
7.-9. fashiontoast, my all-time favorite :) wish I could be just like her!

I noticed that I've hardly been dressing up anymore, and that I usually do only when I'm feeling down or when there's a special occasion. Bumming out here in Boracay made me go through all the fashion blogs I used to follow and it made me miss dressing up! Might as well get back to it when I get back to Manila. ;)

PS. LYO concert ongoing right now. Makes me sad that I'm not in Manila for it. :(


Sand Writing

Found out that strolling along the beach alone is very relaxing. :)


Hi From Boracay!

I've Been Bad

I have been a very bad blogger because my laptop and camera have been slowly giving up on me and that I have not had decent internet in my condo. On the bright side, I got a new laptop now and I have speedy internet here on the beach! Taking a short vacation this week with my family just because... and it's my first time here in Boracay! I must say that it definitely is such a beautiful place to be in :) I'd definitely go back here with friends!

It's only been a day and I've spent so much already T_T

And since it's only been a day, I still don't have any photos from here to share except the ones I took with my webcam... so let me blog about this trip when I get back to Manila. For now, let me share to you (almost) significant photos from the previous month. It's been a crazy November!

(camwhoring with JM and Kim, LYO Christmas gig, a night in Il Ponticello, Threshold)