Believing In Us Feels So Dangerous

Today was such a waste. I waited three hours for nothing (supposedly a video shoot), in full costume and make-up. :| oh well, at least I was able to go swimming this morning. It was my first time to swim in the Olympic-sized pool in school and I'm proud to have done at least one lap across ;p my goal is to at least be able to make 4 laps by the end of the summer, teehee.

Although it's already my favorite time of year, I've been busy this past week (and will still be for the rest of the summer). I had leadership training with my fellow executive board members for four days last week--made me so excited for the next school year! Although the seminar was very productive, it didn't help at all in my goal to achieve my summer body :( but anyway I'm back to training and I'm positive that I will be regaining my summer 2009 body! :)

Moving on... I've been getting myself hooked to some kpop again. This time I'm learning the dances to SNSD/Girls' Generation songs (Run Devil Run, Oh and Gee) :) I'm excited to have a dance session with one of my friends, Iana, who's also into kpop. :)

By the way, if you're wondering why I haven't been taking any photos recently it's because my lens broke about two months ago and I've been borrowing a friend's since then for my photography class. Now that I've returned the lens back to him, I've nothing to use, hence no pictures. :( I hope I get a new lens for my birthday (which is in less than a month!!) though :D

So many stuff planned for the following weeks, I hope I could still update my blog! :) sucks that I'm uninspired to blog because I don't have photos to go with my posts :( anyway I'm hitting the beach in a week or so, can't wait to tell you guys all about it!


She's A Lady

Happy 18th birthday to my best friend, Meliza de Leon! :) she's finally legal now... she can do whatever she wants! HAH.

She celebrated her birthday with us two nights ago at District Bar and Grill. Although there wasn't much drinking and dancing, it was still a fun night :) we played billiards! I've always loved playing although I think billiards hates me. HAHA. I hate playing 9-ball. :(


Tube ruffled dress borrowed from a friend, Charles & Keith ankle boots, random accessories

Anyway, off to GC in a bit for Dancehall then to Mel's house after since her real birthday's today. :)

PS. I am extremely jealous that Mel's going on a Eurotrip this weekend! D:


Take Me Away With You Tonight

Today marks the first of summer, FINALLY! :) I'm done with my second year of college, I couldn't be any happier. :)

I still went to school this morning to continue writing my research proposal with my groupmates which we eventually submitted by 2:30 in the afternoon. Celebrated the first of summer with one of my friends, Bo. :) I love Cafe Noriter!

Last night I had a pre-celebration with my baby girls and baby boys ;) sang karaoke and had a few drinks. I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing = song of the night!

Beach Thursday got moved to Providence Thursday! :) excited to go to the beach (as in beach with the sand and the ocean!) with them. Two weeks! :D:D:D


Tutus and Booboos

For the past few weeks, I've been going back and forth to my old ballet school to shoot some photos for my final photo essay (requirement in basic photography class). Being around them a lot made me miss ballet so much :( I'm kinda scared to go back though, they're all so skinny and I look so big beside them! And they've all improved a lot :D it's so funny how during the times when I was there, we wouldn't take tours and classes out of the country. But when my batch left, they've been going to the US and China :( unfair!

Anyway, here is an excerpt from my final photo essay, Tutus and Booboos :)

Behind everything beautiful is hard work and pain. This could be shown in many ways, for example, the story of Creation, or plastic surgery. But I decided to interpret this theory through the art of dance—ballet to be more exact.

Ballet is a formal type of dance that exudes a high level of grace and beauty. To a mere audience member, a dancer’s wonderful extensions, sky-high leaps and top-like turns would leave them in awe. It would seem like utter perfection, how flawless and fluid every movement is. Although ballerinas make their dancing seem effortless, being a ballerina myself, I know that behind all the stage lights and graceful performances are bloody toes, dead nails and cramped muscles. It is very difficult to achieve what is expected of ballerinas. You would have to live up to the “stereotype”—tall, slim and muscular—because that’s just how it is. Those extensions, suspensions in the air and turns don’t come naturally to most ballerinas. We all work hard to be able to showcase the skill, and to be able to execute them properly and beautifully is something that we earn. But what exactly is “working hard” in ballet?

Working hard is attending ballet class, sitting upright, maintaining a good posture, following a strict diet, having self-discipline and even going through injuries such as sprains, dislocation of the kneecaps, ACL, MCL, or having dead toenails. By working hard, you will be rewarded by being able to wear the pretty costumes and tiaras, getting yourself a new pair of ballet flats and pointe shoes, wearing the best leotards you got for dance class, being given a nice variation for a performance and who knows, being given the lead role in a ballet. Being given the chance to perform in front of an audience is also actually a reward in itself.

Featuring the dancers from the Effie Nanas Dancentre and Philippine Ballet Theater, I aim to show the two sides of ballet: the side the audience sees and the side only the dancers know about, through this photo essay.

More from this photo set here :)


It Runs In The Family (I Hope)

Last night, the topic on photography suddenly came up when my relatives asked me what I wanted to do after I graduate. Since I am a Communication Arts major, I said that I wanted to pursue photography. They immediately asked me to search Teodulo Protomartir online--one of the greatest photographers in the Philippines back in the 30's-70's who happens to be my great-grandfather. I don't think I got exposed to his photographs when I was younger (I didn't have the chance to meet him. :( ) but some fortunate soul was able to retrieve his negatives and posted them online for everyone to see. (thank you!!!)

Teodulo Protomartir

Some of his amazing works:

Lovely Leicas!

This makes me feel so proud of my family. :) I hope to be as great as him someday!


The Silver Egg

Happy Easter, everyone! :)

This year's Holy Week has got to be the most boring one for me. :( when I was younger until last year, my family and I would usually go to the beach or check in at a hotel during the Holy Week. This year unfortunately my aunt wasn't able to tag me along (to the beach) so I was stuck at home marathoning whatever there is to marathon. :| today, thank God, I was finally able to step out of the house (after 3 whole days of bumming around in front of the pc!) to attend an Easter event at White Space with the family :D

Easter Egg Hunting with my cousins was pretty fun. Although I did not participate in the Egg Hunt itself, I enjoyed watching the little kids gather as much eggs they could find. My niece Zoie was able to find a special silver egg that won her P1500 worth of gift certificates from Big & Small Co. :) the whole event was one long program filled with games, storytelling and musical numbers. There were lots of cute kids running around the venue, chasing Snow White and the other 'mascots', having their hair done and face painted, etc etc. Buffet lunch at Cibo for only P200 was kinda heavy, I'm still full at the moment and it's 9PM!

Me and my cousin Bea were outfit twins for the day! It was unplanned, I swear. ;p

(Finally) Outfit photos! I look short in the last one :|

Green shirt, navy blue shorts, studded belt, Charles & Keith sandals, Ray ban wayfarers, long necklace, Chanel 2.55 replica, green bangle

Although this year's Holy Week was the worst one I spent so far, at least I still had my fun. Wednesday - Ace Water Spa with Desa and Prana, and today, Easter Egg Hunting with my cousins. :)

I can't believe that I still have school! :( it's actually hell week already this week--I've got final examinations and submissions. I can't wait for everything to end! SUMMER, I NEED YOU NOW.