Fashion's Night Out 2009

"In a global initiative to promote retail, restore consumer confidence, and celebrate fashion, U.S. and international editions of Vogue are coordinating evening extravaganzas in their respective world fashion capitals." - http://fashionsnightout.com


Philippines? :-(

I'd be happy even with just the Fashion's Night Out shirt!

Taylor Momsen (in Teen Vogue)
Lily Donaldson
Karlie Kloss
Vera Wang
Alexander Wang and Raquel Zimmermann
Chanel Iman and Zac Posen
Oscar de la Renta and Coco Rocha
Ashley Olsen
"Fashion's Night Out - Shop For Good!"


Team Freecut: Part I

Let's go, Team Freecut!

I'm happy to have been part of this group. I love how we bonded over the magazine! It was great to hear about our experiences during the sharing in class last Friday. It seemed like we were the group who had the most fun while doing something as stressful as this!

We didn't team up for the project because we were friends, but we're friends because we teamed up for this project. :-)

From L-R: Abbie, Ramon, Michelle, Jeune, Erika, AJ, Carla, Maxi, Nix, Mickey, Ron (not in the pic: Francis)
*click photo for full-size high res image!
Aww, fave group picture!
Mickey Banzon
Ron Conise
Jeune San Juan
Maxi Bautista
Ramon Fagar
Michelle Confesor
AJ Galvan
Carla Hutchinson
Abbie Garcia
Nix Maglasang
Yours truly, Erika Tan
*Francis was not present in this shoot, so he does not have any pictures. :-/

Our models for the fashion spread:
From L-R: Wesley, Monique, Patricia, Bea
*clothes of the models sponsored by bYSI (except Patricia's blazer which is mine, accessories are either the models' or my groupmates', shoes are the models' own)

Can't wait for the rest of the pictures, especially the behind-the-scenes shots! I shall post them in part II :-)

Photos: RJ, Mark Canteras


VMA Side Story

MTV VMA Side Story (full version)
Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Cobra Starship, Leighton Meester, Ne-Yo and Russell Brand

I love their take on West Side Story! Can't wait for the VMAs. :-)


Tinkerbell Tinking & Faking Chanel

Long weekend ahead of me, but I don't think I would be able to enjoy it as much as I want to. :-( papers, papers, papers! I hate papers. But I'd rather have those than drawing or math!

I am itching for a dslr already! Right now, I'm still using my Casio Exilim EX-Z77 7.2 megapixel digital camera. It used to take good pictures, yes. However, my poor camera's slowly drowning in technology's sudden advancement. Oh Lord oh please oh please oh please let me have an slr already! Please pity my awful Lookbook pictures which I endlessly edit to achieve a Lookbook-material look. :-(

Since I made tonight my free night, I tried tinkering with my camera and Photoshop a bit while listening to Disney and Broadway tunes. :-)

My chibi Cinderella necklace which I bought online two years ago.

My favorite necklace :-) got it at a tiangge years ago. It was a bit pricey for such item to be found at a tiangge, tho. But it was definitely worth it! Tinkerbell ♥ I have had people tell me that Tinkerbell reminds them of me and vice versa. Such an honor! HAHAHA

My newest baby. I've been buying new pairs of shoes for the past month and this has got to be my favorite purchase. :-)

I've been seeing people online "faking" Chanel and I wanna try it as well!

Funny but cute!

Sharpies! Brilliant idea. Now I have to look for a perfect black and white striped shirt, preferably a long-sleeved one. I wanna achieve this:

One of my favorite looks of Mischa Barton

Term break = more shopping for me, HOPEFULLY. :-)

Btw, what I wore to school today:

Don't you guys think I looked so school girl-y? :-)
White boyfriend polo, black dress, black socks, maryjane wedges

PS. Happy birthday to Raymond Gaanan and Paul Ponciano!


Catching Up and Surprises

Four years worth of catching up!
gothgirlmorgue & rebelprincesserix
OHMYGOD I CAN'T BELIEVE I STILL REMEMBER THOSE (and a lot more things from before...)

So after four years (and I only realized that now), I finally got to see Moreen again. :-) it was a planned date. Interview for one of my majors, actually.

In IntFilm class, we were required to interview someone from the film industry. The interview should be recorded (either audio and picture or video) and should have a 5-8 page feature article to accompany it. It wasn't so hard for me to think of someone to interview as I know a couple of people and so does my mom. I didn't want to interview someone my mom knows because I have a feeling that it would get awkward and I'd be too shy, so I opted for someone I know, preferably my age. My first choice was Moreen Guese! You guys might know her from different tv shows in ABS-CBN and a couple of films such as Esperanza, Forevermore, etc. The interview was supposed to happen last weekend but due to some unforeseen circumstances (haha), it got moved to today.

Before and after the interview, we were just catching up with each other's lives. We haven't seen each other for four freaking years, imagine that! (bg check: we met at Trumpets in 2005. She was one of my closest friends then. Nothing much has changed actually!) 4 years worth of catching up all squeezed into my 3 and a half hour break. I must say it was time well spent, as opposed to what I would usually do during my break time which is to sleep in the rehearsal hall or pig out! ;-)

After that, I went back to school to attend my very last MassCom class. I hope it was a definite goodbye! I swear if I fail that subject, I'd look like this forever --> @-) like my eyes aren't big enough already!

Again, I'm glad to be home earlier than usual. I guess that's the only think I like about hell week!

On an unrelated note, surprise surprise! Sookie Stackhouse is a fairy! @-)

Screencap from True Blood s02ep09 where Sookie touches Maryann and some kind of supernatural thing happened. Explanation: Sookie is a fairy!

I couldn't believe it. Isn't it enough to have vampires, shapeshifters and maenads in the story? Why add another supernatural being? And why Sookie?! I thought she was human all along :-( the ones who read the Sookie Stackhouse books know about that, but apparently I'd rather learn about the twists and turns of Bon Temps through True Blood. I actually found out about the fairy thing through a spoiler. I have this love/hate relationship with spoilers, actually! I don't want to know but I just have to know! I can't wait for episode 11!

P.S. Today I found out that Grimace is a tastebud. All along I thought he was a rotten nugget or something.

Fallen Princesses

AH-MAZING concept by Dina Goldstein.

These photos place our favorite fairy tale characters/Disney Princesses in modern-day scenarios -- meaning their happily ever afters are turned into happily never afters. Disney has done an amazing job with playing with our imaginations, yes. Now it's time for a reality check.

(Don't get me wrong, I LOVE LOVE LOVE DISNEY STILL :-) )

Cinderella ended up in a bar, alone. Or rather, with drunk men.

Snow White with four children, a pet dog, and a lazy prince.

Rapunzel with cancer. This picture is so intense, I feel for Rapunzel. :-(

Little Red Riding Hood, not so little anymore.

I think Aurora needs a better alarm clock!

Jasmine in war. This has got to be my favorite among the set!

Belle getting botox!

Ariel stuck in an aquarium.

Seeing these pictures made me want to lean more on the photography side of my course (60%! 30% on film and 10% on writing). I am extremely happy that I am a Comm Arts student. I hope that I would soon be able to conceptualize stuff as good as this one. I want my thesis to be something like this!

Photography, photography, photography.

But first things first... I need to have my own camera. Hopefully by the end of the year I would finally have my own dSLR. And when that happens, I will be turning this blog into my portfolio of some sort. My practice ground or something to keep track of my progress in photography.

Aaaaaah, I just made myself feel so giddy!