Fallen Princesses

AH-MAZING concept by Dina Goldstein.

These photos place our favorite fairy tale characters/Disney Princesses in modern-day scenarios -- meaning their happily ever afters are turned into happily never afters. Disney has done an amazing job with playing with our imaginations, yes. Now it's time for a reality check.

(Don't get me wrong, I LOVE LOVE LOVE DISNEY STILL :-) )

Cinderella ended up in a bar, alone. Or rather, with drunk men.

Snow White with four children, a pet dog, and a lazy prince.

Rapunzel with cancer. This picture is so intense, I feel for Rapunzel. :-(

Little Red Riding Hood, not so little anymore.

I think Aurora needs a better alarm clock!

Jasmine in war. This has got to be my favorite among the set!

Belle getting botox!

Ariel stuck in an aquarium.

Seeing these pictures made me want to lean more on the photography side of my course (60%! 30% on film and 10% on writing). I am extremely happy that I am a Comm Arts student. I hope that I would soon be able to conceptualize stuff as good as this one. I want my thesis to be something like this!

Photography, photography, photography.

But first things first... I need to have my own camera. Hopefully by the end of the year I would finally have my own dSLR. And when that happens, I will be turning this blog into my portfolio of some sort. My practice ground or something to keep track of my progress in photography.

Aaaaaah, I just made myself feel so giddy!

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