I Could Write It Better Than You Ever Felt It

Fall Out Boy's Hum Hallelujah is stuck in my head. I actually miss listening to their songs!

Hum hallelujah
Just off the key of reason
I thought I loved you
It was just how you looked in the light
A teenage vow in a parking lot
"til tonight do us part"
I sing the blues and swallow them too

What I wore today!
G&Q oversized pink top, silver belt, mom's skirt, white heels, Ralph Lauren houndstooth bag

Professor: "Erika, bat ka naka-formal today? Report?"
Me: "No miss, wala lang po"

Mark: "Corporate day today?"
Me: "Nah, just felt like dressing up today"

I really just did feel like dressing up today :-P

I feel like dressing up again tomorrow. Hmmmm, what should I wear? :-)

On an unrelated note, I have decided that I will start doing (and finishing) my Kaspil2 papers during the weekend. I've finally finished my VERY LAST MassCom outline. I couldn't be any happier! I definitely won't be missing making those outlines, most especially the subject! I remember telling myself that if I fail MassCom, I'm shifting. I sure do not want to take it up again especially if Ms. Sibayan's the professor. But I think I have to pass on that thought. I don't see myself in any other course but CommArts. And besides, she's still gonna be my professor next term for a different major (Concept) anyway. Haaaay, Sibayan.

I just want this week and next week to be over with! Hell week sucks hell. Term break I need you now! I need to go on a shopping spree. ;-P second term, I'm excited for you!

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