Last Hurrah For The Summer

My junior year in college starts tomorrow and I am NOT excited :( I need more summer, please! Although the fact that I would finally get to see my friends again excites me, I want more time to bum around and not think about anything at all!

I hate my schedule this term :( my classes tomorrow start at 11 am (and 8 am every TTHF! Boo) but I have to be in school by 7 am to set up our recruitment booth (Lasallians, JOIN LSDC CONTEMPORARY! :D) :( so today, to end my summer, I spent the day out with my family. We actually celebrated three birthdays today--my 18th, my mom's 40th and my grandma's 70th! We wanted to have Omakase for dinner but we decided to go some place where we could go around before and after dinner so...

We ended up in Bonifacio High Street, The Fort. First we went to Crocs to get some new sandals for mama then I went to The Face Shop just to browse but I ended up getting myself new foundation and concealer :)

I was craving for some Sonja's cupcakes after, but when we got there, it was closed :( we ended up at Marta's Cakes instead where Zoie had her fun decorating her own cupcakes and I enjoyed my fat-free angel cake ;p

On our way to dinner we had a little stopover. There were so many cute dogs out today! My favorite ones would have to be the Old English Sheepdogs! There were three of them and I was able to pet one :) unfortunately though I wasn't able to take a good picture of it :( but I was able to take a cute one of another dog inside one of the stores!

We had dinner at Texas Roadhouse Grill and oh my what a heavy dinner it was! We ordered some salad, fish fillet, grilled chicken, pork. I was only able to eat 1/4 of my order coz it was so huge and I was so full already! It was probably because of the salad and my bottomless glass of lemonade ;p the food was so good :) and the waiters were really nice. Funny how they sang us a birthday song after our meal. We got free ice cream!

After dinner we went around again. Saw some really cute shoes and nice tops at Topshop! And of course, I just had to go in my favorite shoe store... Charles and Keith. :) there were tons of flats I just wanted to buy but I couldn't, even if I needed them for school :( I'm running out of school shoes! All my flats have given up on me and I refuse to wear heels to school. I need shopping money ASAP :)

Topshop white shirt, People are People shorts, Solemate sandals, Marc Jacobs floral tote, Aldo earrings, Swatch watch

Since I have to wake up really early for school tomorrow, I gotta hit the sack now. :( non-Lasallian Filipino college students, enjoy the rest of your vacation! The rest of the world.... hi. :)

Dance With Me, Sway With Me

A few days back, I was contacted by Perla of Sway.com showing me a lookbook of their style.

Really pretty dresses don't you think? I definitely want to get my hands on at least one of them!

Check out this video as well:

Kyle Johnson X Sway from Phillip Conover on Vimeo.

So what are you waiting for now, guys? Sign up for Sway here and tell all your friends about it!

"Sway.com is a website where we give women the dream fashion job of being the designer and buyer of the brand, Sway. Each day, we will present an article of clothing that was produced meticulously and of highest quality by Sway. This piece of women’s wear will be sold in a daily deal to our community at wholesale, because we love our community and appreciate our community’s hard work of deciding what is hot, and what is not. After this ‘24 hour’ flash sale, this piece of fashion will be sold at full retail to the rest of the world." -Perla




I cannot remember who all these came from because some were untagged! :( but thank you for all the presents, I appreciate them all :D

Marc Jacobs bag from Mica Romulo (I absolutely loooove this, Mica!)

Penshoppe top and vest from Kate Barrios

Estee Lauder make-up from tito Jay and tita June Sarmiento

Red leather jacket and a camera necklace from Meliza and Denise de Leon

Aldo earrings from Jill Bautista and Ijji Paras, I think :)

Tinkerbell pin (so cute!)

Gold Swatch watch from tita Bambi Tan

Rudy Project watch that used to be my grandfather's, the one who recently passed away. Thank you Papa. :)

Victoria's Secret Vanilla Lace body mist from Reese Corpuz

Clocks from Brent Chua

Starbucks tumbler from Mark Uy

Tinkerbell shirt from Winni Hui

Travel kit from tita Medal and tito Anthony Elepano

Flat sandals from Sam Cua

Speedo GCs from tita Pepper and tito Angelo Lozada

and last but certainly not the least, my parents for the party! :) I love you mom and dad ;;) thank you so much for the best party yet :)

HYPE :):):)

A Lasallian Artist Summer

We Lasallian artists spent the summer doing what we do best... performing :) every year before the school year starts, the university holds a 2-day orientation (LPEP) for the incoming freshmen (or "froshies", as we Lasallians would call them). In that 2-day orientation, we performing groups from the Cultural Arts Office and the DLSU Animo Squad were asked to showcase what we got to the froshies. :)

It was a very tiring 2-week performance, with 5:30 am calltimes every MWF and exhausting performances every TTHS. But despite all that, it was still a very fun experience :) I love how LPEP brought each CAO group closer to each other. I gained lots of new friends within those two weeks!

Even if I wasn't able to go to the beach this summer, LPEP 2k10 completed my season. :) come to think of it, the past two months haven't been that much of a summer to me, but it's still the best one so far. Best birthday, LPEP, GC. ♥

Photos by Ces Bajamundi, Yves Gaston, Hannah Adriano, Reigine Obrero, Larissa Nodalo, Anjo Valle
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LSDC-Contemporary "Gabriel" - LPEP day 2 performance :)