BB Makeover

A couple days ago, the rubber part of my Blackberry chipped off.

I honestly thought it couldn't be replaced anymore but I still tried my luck in Greenhills and whoopee, Greenhills saves! Got a new housing for just a thousand. I opted for something gold but the only available colors were purple, light purple, blue, red and black. I wanted to get the light purple one, but it's the same color as my C3 so I went for the darker one!

Aaaaand check out my new hard/jelly case! I think I'm done with the sparkly studs for now. But I'm definitely not over my orange/gold phase!

I found a matte gold housing online for just a little bit more than a thousand. Mmm, giving it much thought! I'll most likely get it next month, if I have enough money :-)



Kiss on the Lips

I realized that I haven't blogged about Eunice's party yet! Better late than never?

It happened at Kyss last August 13 and it was the second day of my epic weekend. I won't say much about the first day, but let me just say that I wasn't over my hangover from the first day yet when I got to Eunice's! Even before the debutante got to the venue, I was already buzzed. So imagine me for the rest of the night! It was really epic, I swear. It was a roller coaster of emotions, that night.

So lemme just show you some official photos! I hardly bring my camera around anymore since I know others bring theirs anyway and I still haven't had mine fixed xD

With my dolphin friend, Nix.

With my party boyfriend, Chuckie, and the birthday girl, Eunice!

Majagger and Faye :-)

Jason my love!

With Jason, Aiki and Zee :-)

With pep girlies (ate GB, Anya and Tasha) and Kimmieblobs!

I wore my brand new spankin Topshop dress which I got during the buy one take one sale, courtesy of my dad! =))

Last night, I missed out on Maja dear's 18th because I had no ride and it was pretty far from my house. So instead, I went straight to Heather's--totally underdressed! My friends and I didn't think that by "look presentable" she meant LOOK PRESENTABLE! It was a house party for chrissakes, but little did we know that her house was a mansion! LOL it was still a fun party, nevertheless. Unfortunately though, my party mood wasn't on last night so I went home early :-(

Hayayay. I am officially on break and when the term starts again in about a week and a half, all I'll be worrying about is Hueniverse and AUN. It will be a term full of dance dance dance! No more academics for me, hallelujah!

What to do for the rest of this long weekend? On Tuesday, training resumes, which I am not so stoked about, HAHA. But then again I have to start burning off all the calorie intake from finals week!

Anyway, gotta turn my eyes back on the television. DLSU vs. ADMU #nowwatching!!! ANIMO LA SALLE :-)


Au Revoir, College!

I am finally done with all my finals which means, goodbye college! Now all I have to do is wait for my grades to come out in about two weeks' time which I am about 95% sure of passing. I have never failed a course in my entire stay in DLSU, so I am pretty confident about now! I think I did well this term, anyway. And I kind of nailed my finals today. Last night's study time did pay off, thank God!

After my last report, I headed to the Rehearsal Hall where we all waited not so patiently for our Yellow Cab delivery. Thank you, Kim and XJ! I think I had about 8 slices -_- I'd like to think of it as a reward to myself for getting through college, hihi.

Thank you Kim and XJ!
We ended up camwhoring on Photobooth while the pizza took so long to arrive.

Lovestruck! I srsly have no idea why the hearts wouldn't leave me even when XJ was in the photo as well!

Me: "Hey cool, it detects noses! I wonder if it'll detect Voldemort's?"

Yes, we were that bored and impatient, lol.

And I'm still bored. What to do tonight? I'm officially off academic duties, I'm so happy! Plus training resumes on Saturday! Time to work off all the pizza I had today! Tomorrow will be a day dedicated to errands and whatnot. I want to celebrate my freedom!!! And on Saturday, I will try something out in the morning (wish me luck!), training in the afternoon, then party at night!

Looking forward to the weekend :-)


Final Finals!

Today I decided to use my time for productivity and so far I have been successful! I have been studying here in Hollys Coffee since 3PM (it's currently 9PM) because I have an economics test and report tomorrow :-s I had my statistics test this morning and I kind of wasn't able to really study for it therefore I'm only sure about 1/3 of my answers. So to make up for this morning's mishap, I decided to dedicate my whole day today for academics!

Tomorrow will officially be my LAST DAY IN COLLEGE! I am so stoked, you have no idea. I really wish all my studying today would pay off tomorrow. And I pray really hard that I don't fail any of my courses this term or else my dreams of graduating in October will be crushed :-(

Would you guys help me pass at least one of my courses? Yes? If so, please like this page on Facebook! It's an advocacy to support the local entertainment industry (music, television, movies, radio, etc.) it would only take a few seconds of your time, so I hope you guys could manage to squeeze it in!

This is the last stretch! I am staying positive about graduation on October! This week is going to be my final finals week!!!


See you at HUENIVERSE!

Hi guys! Please come and support my dance company as we perform for our 31st anniversary!

September 16, 2011 | 7:30 PM | Teresa Yuchengco Auditorium, DLSU-Manila
Ticket prices: P200 | P180 (students)

And some outtakes from the shoot:

Photography: Brent Chua
Post-processing: Brent Chua & Erix Tan

See you there! Feel free to comment/email me for more details :-)



Gold dress/top: check. Gold shoes: check. Gold accessories: check. Gold bag: CHECK! :-)

I can now push through with my all-gold ensemble, as a challenge I accepted from a friend. HAHA. I shall show you guys next time.

For the mean time, thank you Reesh of Impulse Co for my Cambridge Satchel! I love it. :-)

Sorry about the quality of the photos :/ I didn't have any camera at hand so I used my BlackBerry instead. :3

Hey guys, sorry if I haven't been posting as often as I used to. This weekend has been super and I can't wait to tell you guys how it went. Now lemme just wait for more photos to be uploaded then I'll share them to you guys!


BTS: Hueniverse Photo Shoot (Part I)

Whole day photo (and video) shoot, dinner at Mister Kebab and coffee at Coffee Bean = fun Sunday with LSDC-Contemporary! ♥

First up, photos from my BlackBerry :-)

And from Issay's cam -- sorry for hogging!:

Don't you just love our make-up? I know I do! Can't wait to see the final shots :3

PLEASE DO WATCH HUENIVERSE ON SEPTEMBER 16, 2011! It will be held at the Teresa Yuchengco Auditorium, De La Salle University-Manila. You may comment here or email me for more details :-) SEE YOU THERE!


Cultura Awards

This year, the CAO Awards took form in a more formal system. It felt kind of Oscar-y since it was held in an auditorium and all, but honestly, I prefer the old system better. The first part of the awards night was kind of boring despite having intermission numbers by the groups (including us) and it was more of a bummer that we didn't win any of the group awards. But that's okay because 1) it's been about five to six years since our last nomination(s) so we're actually still very happy with our nominations in four categories and 2) our very own Assistant Company Manager/DM Productions, Reese Corpuz, won Most Dedicated Performer in Dance! :-)

The latter part of the night was very fun. It's great to be part of a big group again! I love how LSDC-Contemporary is big in number at the moment (and I really hope it stays that way--babies please don't quit!) :-D

LSDC-Contemporary senior members' intermission number

My Prod babies! I'm Lola Prod now, since I was last year's DM xD

Contempo! \:D/



THE Bitch and Bitch-to-be. Baby girl, patience is a virtue. You can only start bitchin' by October 16 ;-) for now, the throne is still mine--and everyone knows that.

Momma and lola prod!

Me, pretty much getting caught in the act bullying my lovely babies.

And then some... :-)

People are People dress (I hid the straps to make it a tube dress), Charles and Keith heels, bib necklace worn as headdress

Fun, fun night. Next year, we shall bag more awards!

Photos by Larissa Nodalo and Loyce Lopez