Au Revoir, College!

I am finally done with all my finals which means, goodbye college! Now all I have to do is wait for my grades to come out in about two weeks' time which I am about 95% sure of passing. I have never failed a course in my entire stay in DLSU, so I am pretty confident about now! I think I did well this term, anyway. And I kind of nailed my finals today. Last night's study time did pay off, thank God!

After my last report, I headed to the Rehearsal Hall where we all waited not so patiently for our Yellow Cab delivery. Thank you, Kim and XJ! I think I had about 8 slices -_- I'd like to think of it as a reward to myself for getting through college, hihi.

Thank you Kim and XJ!
We ended up camwhoring on Photobooth while the pizza took so long to arrive.

Lovestruck! I srsly have no idea why the hearts wouldn't leave me even when XJ was in the photo as well!

Me: "Hey cool, it detects noses! I wonder if it'll detect Voldemort's?"

Yes, we were that bored and impatient, lol.

And I'm still bored. What to do tonight? I'm officially off academic duties, I'm so happy! Plus training resumes on Saturday! Time to work off all the pizza I had today! Tomorrow will be a day dedicated to errands and whatnot. I want to celebrate my freedom!!! And on Saturday, I will try something out in the morning (wish me luck!), training in the afternoon, then party at night!

Looking forward to the weekend :-)

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