Final Finals!

Today I decided to use my time for productivity and so far I have been successful! I have been studying here in Hollys Coffee since 3PM (it's currently 9PM) because I have an economics test and report tomorrow :-s I had my statistics test this morning and I kind of wasn't able to really study for it therefore I'm only sure about 1/3 of my answers. So to make up for this morning's mishap, I decided to dedicate my whole day today for academics!

Tomorrow will officially be my LAST DAY IN COLLEGE! I am so stoked, you have no idea. I really wish all my studying today would pay off tomorrow. And I pray really hard that I don't fail any of my courses this term or else my dreams of graduating in October will be crushed :-(

Would you guys help me pass at least one of my courses? Yes? If so, please like this page on Facebook! It's an advocacy to support the local entertainment industry (music, television, movies, radio, etc.) it would only take a few seconds of your time, so I hope you guys could manage to squeeze it in!

This is the last stretch! I am staying positive about graduation on October! This week is going to be my final finals week!!!

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