Hello 1107!

For the first time in my life, I wore the exact same thing to school for two days in a row just because I was not able to go home during the first day. HAHAHA but what fun those two days were. :) 1107, I'm coming back!

Awesome cityscape view of Taft! DLSU in the background. :)

Mango top, polka-dotted skirt, waist belt, Swatch watch
I suck at Tekken. :|

That moment in my life when I could hardly breathe! HAHA

Photos by Januel Codilla :)
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I Can Fly

Somewhere maybe someday, maybe somewhere far away I'll find a second little person who will look at me and say "I know you. You're the one I've waited for. Let's have some fun." Life is precious every minute and more precious with you in it. So let's have some fun. Somewhere maybe someday, maybe somewhere far away I'll meet a second little person and we'll go out and play. ♥

3 8's and 6 Counts was a success! Thank you to everyone who supported us, LSDC-Contemporary! I hope you guys enjoyed the show as much as we enjoyed performing in it. :)

Thank you sir Peter and sir Danny for giving me the amazing opportunity to fly! :) sir Peter, thank you for EVERYTHING! You are beyond amazing :) and thank you LSDC-Contemporary! I am very proud to be part of such an amazing dance company. I have at least one more year with you guys! ♥

Photos by Sean Agustin and Megan Manalac. More photos soon :)


3 8's and 6 Counts: Coming Alive SOON!

Marking the 30th year of existence, we the La Salle Dance Company-Contemporary will give honor to those who came before us, to those who built the name of De La Salle University's premiere dance company.

From La Salle Dance Troupe to the La Salle Dance Company-Jazz, the company has never changed in its vision of excellence in the art of dance. We never stopped in sharing our stage to our fellow artists. We never failed in presenting meaningful pieces, concerts and performances, and we never stopped on growing.

To date, the company is composed of the same passionate individuals, with the same hearts for their craft. And on it's 30th year we present you "3 8's and 6 counts"; our definition of life through dance; our pains and struggles through dance; our happiness and joy through movement; the air that we breathe; the moment that we live by; a gazillion pictures and images that can only be expressed in the way we do best.

Celebrate with us. It is our turn to give back what you have given us for the last 30 years.

"3 8's and 6 counts" will be staged at the Teresa Yuchengco Auditorium, De La Salle University-Manila on August 19 and 20, 7PM. Tickets are at P180 (orchestra) and P150 (balcony) each. Contact any member of LSDC-Contemporary or visit their booth located at SJ Walk from August 16-19 for tickets. Tickets will also be sold at the gate during show dates. :)

Luma o Klasik
Wat Hapens in da Dark
Dandansoy (a piece by Mr. Danny Mashall, Associate Artistic Director, Douglas Nierras Powerdance)
Nobody Said It Was Easy
Mga Habilin at Pangako
The Wait


The cast:

Anna Abola

Daphne Chu

Elaija Bautista

Ella Dator

Erix Tan

Issay Nodalo

JM Aguilar

Kate Barrios

Keen Agustin

Mica Romulo

Pre Valenzuela

Reese Corpuz

Therese Rivera

Winnie Grindulo

Yucel Estrada

Yves Capulong


Gold and Sparkly

I've always been fascinated by all things gold and sparkly. I hate glitters, though, even if they're really lovely to look at. Anyway, I've been wanting to get myself a pair of gold pumps just like these, but I think I own more than enough heels already--I hardly get to use them anyway! So I got these awesome gold sequined sneakers from Superga instead :) I've ran out of sneakers to wear (my Vans are giving up on me!) and I've been eyeing on this pair for quite some time now but never really had the interest to purchase it until today. Lucky me it was on sale! :) I originally wanted to get a pair of Keds, but this will do for now! Cutesy Keds next on my list ;p

More photos from today...

What my cousin wore... cute don't ya think?

What I wore :)

Topshop cropped jacket, dress from Bali Indonesia, Parisian studded flats, Chanel replica purse, camera necklace, Forever 21 "Jadore" connector ring, Swatch watch, sexbands
Random experimental shots... just because I missed my camera!

Dinner time!

Definitely my favorite gelateria! Too bad we didn't have any today. :(

I can't believe it's August already! Time flies by sooooo quickly. :(