Gold and Sparkly

I've always been fascinated by all things gold and sparkly. I hate glitters, though, even if they're really lovely to look at. Anyway, I've been wanting to get myself a pair of gold pumps just like these, but I think I own more than enough heels already--I hardly get to use them anyway! So I got these awesome gold sequined sneakers from Superga instead :) I've ran out of sneakers to wear (my Vans are giving up on me!) and I've been eyeing on this pair for quite some time now but never really had the interest to purchase it until today. Lucky me it was on sale! :) I originally wanted to get a pair of Keds, but this will do for now! Cutesy Keds next on my list ;p

More photos from today...

What my cousin wore... cute don't ya think?

What I wore :)

Topshop cropped jacket, dress from Bali Indonesia, Parisian studded flats, Chanel replica purse, camera necklace, Forever 21 "Jadore" connector ring, Swatch watch, sexbands
Random experimental shots... just because I missed my camera!

Dinner time!

Definitely my favorite gelateria! Too bad we didn't have any today. :(

I can't believe it's August already! Time flies by sooooo quickly. :(

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