I Can Only Wish

Just a little more photos from LSDC-Contemporary's teambuilding and photo shoot last December. I don't think I'll ever get tired of the first photo! I can't even believe that it's me in the photo--it's too pretty! Seeing amazing dance photographs inspire me to do better in my craft, and I can only wish to be able to inspire others also through my photos. :)

PS. my domain is now working! In case you haven't noticed, you're now accessing my blog through www.erixtan.com ;-)

Back to the Dance Life x DanzDish7

I'm sorry if I haven't been posting lately. It's just that I've been busy going back to my dance life! Earlier this month I was casted to perform for LSDC-Street's annual dance concert, Danz Dish, as a guest performer along with other members of LSDC-Contemporary. We've been rehearsing for the show for weeks now and with that being said... I'm inviting you guys to watch the 7th installment of Danz Dish on February 2 and 3, 7 pm, at the Teresa Yuchengco Auditorium, De La Salle University! Tickets are priced at P250 (early bird) and P300 (door price) so I suggest you contact any member of LSDC-Street now since tickets are selling like candy!

Poster grabbed off Ella Fortun's blog. Hi Ella, hope you don't mind!

To those who were born yesterday (kidding :D), the La Salle Dance Company - Street is the official street dance group of DLSU Manila. Last year (2011) was probably one of their best years to date--winning the championship titles of all the big dance competitions in the Metro (UAAP Streetdance, Maximum Groovity, Lactacyd and the famous Skechers Streetdance Battle). They're a huge deal, alright! They're definitely a team to look out for and it would be such a drag if you miss out on this concert (especially since I'm going to be in it, lol I kid)!

A few more days til show time and even if I'm only playing such a small part in it (in pointe shoes, may I add!), I'm so excited! Hope to see you guys there?

PS. totally unrelated but... I GOT MY OWN DOMAIN NOW! It shall be up very soon (hopefully by my next post). :)


Shining Shimmering Splendid

I have a fetish for anything gold and sparkly/glittery, so when I saw these babies in Asian Vogue, I knew I just had to get my hands on them!

Jeffrey Campbell Foxy-inspired heels

I love how easy the transaction went through. The retailer was very accommodating and my orders came just in time. I also love how Asian Vogue has such a wide variety of shoes at an affordable price. Definitely a store I'd keep on coming back to to satisfy my shoe fetishes ;-)

Can't wait to take these babies out for a stroll!

PS. My photo doesn't do much justice to these pretty little things! Can't wait to finally get my camera fixed so I wouldn't have to keep doing with my iTouch photos. :(


Mermaid Dreams

Marc Jacobs tote, thrifted denim shorts, Bench top, Forever 21 sunglasses

Taken more than a month ago, during my dance company's teambuilding. Probably one of my favorite candid shots to date. When I was a kid I remember wanting to become a mermaid, and when I saw those hot mermaids on the fourth installment of Pirates of the Caribbean I just wanted to become one again. (Un)fortunately for me I am a human being and having mermaid locks is probably the closest thing I could get to becoming one.

I love roomy bags and if you haven't already noticed, I seem to be lugging around this Marc Jacobs tote a lot since it's sack-like and can carry a whole lot of stuff. I also love the fact that it bursts out with color since it can easily accentuate my wardrobe full of neutrals and darks.


Clashing and Combining Designers, Inspirations and Colors

January 2011 – Visions of varying hues will inspire viewers as a wonderful presentation of colors and designs will emanate from each designer’s creation.

For the fourth challenge, the remaining MEGA Young Designers must come up with pieces inspired by the colors of 2012. To test their ability to work with each other, all ten designers will be grouped to form a color inspired collection. Each group must stick to one primary color for the entire collection.

The upcoming “Color Challenge” will bring out the uniqueness in the design of each designer as they work with the same primary color inspiration of their team.

Can the designers work it out harmoniously? Or will it be a disaster of shades?

A special color will be chosen to be the only accent, adding style to the pieces they will create. To gather their much needed inspiration for the collection, the designers will be sent to one of the busiest spots of Quezon City.

Still, another challenge awaits these designers. For this challenge, presentation will be an utmost and crucial requirement.

Which designer will show the pieces to appease the tone of judgment of the fashion council?

Keep watching the MEGA Young Designers Competition 2012 every Saturday, 7 pm on ETC, with replays every Sunday at 10 am.


Ooh-wee It's The Ultimate Feeling

You got me lifted, feeling so gifted
Suga suga how'd you get so flyy?

Song stuck in my head right now. At least it isn't Avicii's Levels anymore which was pretty much stuck in my head all night.

Spent the day in Makati with Michelle whom I finally got to hang out with after weeks! There were so much sales going on, too bad I didn't have money on me so I wasn't able to shop for anything at all :(

Alice in Wonderland top (from Taiwan), Forever 21 skirt, H&M flats, Forever 21 and GH accessories, Swatch watch, Longchamp bag

I was asked to wear something summery today for a quick street style shoot for an upcoming magazine. I'll let you guys know when it's out! :)

Gah, someone needs to go back to the salon to have her roots dyed! Oh and sorry about the low quality photos. I haven't been lugging a camera along since I returned the SLR to my aunt and I've yet to have mine fixed, so I've been settling with my iPod's camera.

Went window shopping for make-up. I can never get enough of MAC's Morange! Gotta get my hands on a tube soon.

Cafe Mary Grace's caesar salad will always be my favorite.

Something witty spotted at Mcdonald's!

Tomorrow (or rather later) I have a business meeting of some sort about this job offer which I know nothing about yet (fingers crossed) and I go back to rehearsals at night. Wish me luck? xx


What the Flip, Man!

(blog title as quoted from Adventure Time---srsly why let kids watch that show again? It's so trippy!)

I'm sorry for my lack of updates... been doing basically nothing but staying in to catch up on The Vampire Diaries. Yesterday though I got to meet up with my GC friends and hopefully it would be a weekly thing because I swear, a day spent with them is a day well spent!

Oh and have I mentioned that I have been crazy obsessed with Instagram lately? No?

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New Baby, Yay!

So yesterday my dad picked me up to accompany him to get his iPhone 4S from Smart. When we got there we found out that we couldn't get a unit til March. I made my dad lambing a little and told him that I wanted a new iPod Touch (since my old one is well, old. And it didn't have a camera!). Took awhile (more like a heavy seafood feast at Gumbo with him, my mom and grandma) before I got him to say yes, but he did! So lo and behold, my new baby which I've yet to name! Any suggestions?

Oh and I'm on Instagram! One of the main reasons I wanted a new iPod Touch was so I could get an Instagram, heee. Follow me? It's pixierixie


Oh Canada

Relatives from Canada are in town so we all went out to lunch last Monday. Dad says I'm not one to bring to buffets since I don't eat much anyway, but I really do enjoy them!

We ended up rummaging through cheap thrills in Greenhills after the ultimate lunch. I finally broke my no shopping rule! New accessories, new phone charger (finally) and a really cute bb case :)

Funny how I ALWAYS get mistaken to be half white! Even my Canadian relatives thought I was! You, might you actually think the same?

Anyway, how's your year so far? Three days down and I've been sober, hihi.


Kickstarting 2012

Not with a fizzle but with a


Hi, happy new year everyone :)

No resolutions this year, just a bucket list (which I still am currently writing)! Hope we all have an amazing year ahead of us :)

Vintage polka dot skirt worn as top, department store white shorts, Parisian Comfy nude flats, Swatch watch, F21 accessories
xx, Erix