Ooh-wee It's The Ultimate Feeling

You got me lifted, feeling so gifted
Suga suga how'd you get so flyy?

Song stuck in my head right now. At least it isn't Avicii's Levels anymore which was pretty much stuck in my head all night.

Spent the day in Makati with Michelle whom I finally got to hang out with after weeks! There were so much sales going on, too bad I didn't have money on me so I wasn't able to shop for anything at all :(

Alice in Wonderland top (from Taiwan), Forever 21 skirt, H&M flats, Forever 21 and GH accessories, Swatch watch, Longchamp bag

I was asked to wear something summery today for a quick street style shoot for an upcoming magazine. I'll let you guys know when it's out! :)

Gah, someone needs to go back to the salon to have her roots dyed! Oh and sorry about the low quality photos. I haven't been lugging a camera along since I returned the SLR to my aunt and I've yet to have mine fixed, so I've been settling with my iPod's camera.

Went window shopping for make-up. I can never get enough of MAC's Morange! Gotta get my hands on a tube soon.

Cafe Mary Grace's caesar salad will always be my favorite.

Something witty spotted at Mcdonald's!

Tomorrow (or rather later) I have a business meeting of some sort about this job offer which I know nothing about yet (fingers crossed) and I go back to rehearsals at night. Wish me luck? xx

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