Hyped For Summer

Sorry guys if I haven't been taking outfit shots for the previous month :( seems like the "fashion side" of this blog is deteriorating. I'll try my best to revive it over the summer. :)

Anyway, today was a great day. :D spent today with the people I love, people I enjoy being around with, dancing my heart out, and eating donuts :3 today felt so much like summer which by the way I'm so freaking stoked for! Just a couple more weeks til it's officially summer for me. :)

Another one from the "intense photo shoot"!:

Photographer: Cynch Molina
Models: Erika Tan (me!) & Brian Moreno
Thank you Cynchiepoo. :3

“Well, it seems to me that the best relationships, the ones that last, are frequently the ones that are rooted in friendship. You know, one day you look at the person and see more than you did the night before. Like a switch has been flickered somewhere. And the person who was just a friend is suddenly the only person you can ever imagine yourself with.”
- found this on Tumblr and I love how I can totally relate!


"We don't talk about it but it doesn't really matter. What's important is I am enjoying this--whatever it is."
- also found on Tumblr!

:( I don't know if I love or hate being in situations like this! Don't you also?


Hope Is Never Really Gone

Had an impromptu photo shoot with my mom during the wee hours of the morning awhile ago for my photography class exercises :) thanks to some photos I saw on Tumblr for inspiration! The Christmas lights were burning our skin :( but what the hey, if it helps make a good picture, why not sacrifice for just a short span of time right? :)

Photography: Penny Tan
Model: Erika Tan (me!)

Photography: Erika Tan (me!)
Model: Penny Tan


Get The Guitar, Get The Girl

Do you guys remember the "intense photo shoot" I was talking about here? Well here are some of the photos uploaded so far (thank you Ely & Winni!). :) I'm glad they didn't come out as intense as I initially expected. :P

Models: Erika Tan (me!) and Brian Moreno
Photographers: Ely Ong and Winni Hui

More photos soon. :)


Try To Follow Me

Try To Follow Me MV - 2NE1

I love K-pop and 2NE1 has got to be my favorite K-pop group. :) CL has my heart! This video reminds me so much of Gaga, although Gaga's a whole lot crazier (check out my previous entry with Telephone in it). :) I AM IN LOVE WITH THE FASHION AND THE CHOREOGRAPHY! Best 2NE1 video so far. ;)

Decade. Vision. Dance.

Two consecutive amazing nights... I love life. :) tonight (or rather, last night coz it's 2:30 am!) I watched Street Fuzion 10 (SFX: Decade. Vision. Dance.), the dance concert of UP Street. As expected, they put on an amazing show! I love how most of my friends are dancers, so every dance concert here in Manila instantly becomes a reunion of some sort! :)

GCP & LSDC-Street were my company for the night. ♥

Hold me tight... tell me I'm the only one. And then I might never be the lonely one. So hold me tight tonight, tonight. It's you, you, you, you. Hold me tight, let me go on loving you. Tonight, tonight making love to only you. So hold me tight tonight, tonight. It's you, you, you, you. ♥

Tonight was one of the most amazing nights I've had in a long time! :):):)

Anyway, have you guys seen Lady Gaga's new music video? I say it's pretty crazy and wild! We all know how Gaga is... but this new video is just so... gaga! Really crazy, me thinks!

Telephone - Lady Gaga ft. Beyonce


82nd Oscar Awards Dance Performance

Amazing dancers (I see my favorites!), amazing choreography, amazing street-contemporary fusion, amazing set design, amazing camera work... amazing, amazing, AMAZING! I am in love. :)

He Thinks I'm Sexy

Another one of those amaaaaaaazing Thursdays. :)


Hey, Soul Sister I Don't Wanna Miss A Single Thing You Do

Hey, Soul Sister by Train is such a feel good song, don't you think?

Lately, I've been finding myself modeling for my friends' video and photo shoots. Yesterday and earlier, I did a "dancers in motion" shoot with Nix, the same girl who did the "50s are back" shoot last month. :) [I shall post photos from that shoot soon--when Nix uploads them :)] since I needed to shoot some experimental portraits for my photography class as well, I took the advantage of being in the studio with a couple of other models (who happen to be some of my friends from the DLSU Animo Squad).

Here are some raw shots I took of Ate Cara and Ate Karla:

PS. Please do not download/use these images without my permission! Thank you very much :)

By the way, congratulations to the DLSU Animo Squad for bagging 4th place in the 2010 National Cheerleading Championships last Saturday (March 6, 2010)! We are so proud of you. ♥

(watch out for Iya and Harby's amaaaaaaaazing pass at 1:03-1:10!)


What A Crazy Week It Has Been

"Why is a raven like a writing desk?"
"Off with his head!"
"I need a pig here."
"I love my fat boys."

I loved Alice in Wonderland! Watched it Friday night with some of my friends. If you haven't watched it yet, I think you should rush to the cinemas now! The Red Queen was hilarious :P

Anyway.. hello readers! I can't believe it's March already :) this week has been crazy. One of my grandmas (great aunt) died last Sunday. It was pretty devastating since it was the first time I experienced death of someone close to me. :( but don't worry, I'm better now :)

One thing I like about wakes: they become instant family reunions!

The Protomartir side of the family :)

Last Tuesday I modeled for a pretty intense photo shoot with some of my blockmates as photographers. I'm excited to see how the pictures turned out! I can't wait to show you guys as well :) it was my first time to do such a shoot; it was kinda scary! You'll know why soon. I promise to post some photos here :)

Since a month ago, Thursday has become my favorite day of the week, all thanks to Beach Thursdays! I swear it's become my happy place :) babygirls + babyboy (hahaha Check!) + old and new friends and acquaintances... life is good. :)

Yesterday (Saturday) was the craziest! BV morning, so-so afternoon, awesome evening. More details here. :)

It's only March and it's already a little bit too hot! It's as if it's mid-April! :( summer's near but there's still so much stuff to do for school :( 7 days of March down, 24 more to go and at least 6 more weeks of school :( (yeah we Lasallians don't get long summer breaks like that :|)

Well that was a crazy way to start the month. How did you jumpstart your March? :)