What A Crazy Week It Has Been

"Why is a raven like a writing desk?"
"Off with his head!"
"I need a pig here."
"I love my fat boys."

I loved Alice in Wonderland! Watched it Friday night with some of my friends. If you haven't watched it yet, I think you should rush to the cinemas now! The Red Queen was hilarious :P

Anyway.. hello readers! I can't believe it's March already :) this week has been crazy. One of my grandmas (great aunt) died last Sunday. It was pretty devastating since it was the first time I experienced death of someone close to me. :( but don't worry, I'm better now :)

One thing I like about wakes: they become instant family reunions!

The Protomartir side of the family :)

Last Tuesday I modeled for a pretty intense photo shoot with some of my blockmates as photographers. I'm excited to see how the pictures turned out! I can't wait to show you guys as well :) it was my first time to do such a shoot; it was kinda scary! You'll know why soon. I promise to post some photos here :)

Since a month ago, Thursday has become my favorite day of the week, all thanks to Beach Thursdays! I swear it's become my happy place :) babygirls + babyboy (hahaha Check!) + old and new friends and acquaintances... life is good. :)

Yesterday (Saturday) was the craziest! BV morning, so-so afternoon, awesome evening. More details here. :)

It's only March and it's already a little bit too hot! It's as if it's mid-April! :( summer's near but there's still so much stuff to do for school :( 7 days of March down, 24 more to go and at least 6 more weeks of school :( (yeah we Lasallians don't get long summer breaks like that :|)

Well that was a crazy way to start the month. How did you jumpstart your March? :)

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