Hey, Soul Sister I Don't Wanna Miss A Single Thing You Do

Hey, Soul Sister by Train is such a feel good song, don't you think?

Lately, I've been finding myself modeling for my friends' video and photo shoots. Yesterday and earlier, I did a "dancers in motion" shoot with Nix, the same girl who did the "50s are back" shoot last month. :) [I shall post photos from that shoot soon--when Nix uploads them :)] since I needed to shoot some experimental portraits for my photography class as well, I took the advantage of being in the studio with a couple of other models (who happen to be some of my friends from the DLSU Animo Squad).

Here are some raw shots I took of Ate Cara and Ate Karla:

PS. Please do not download/use these images without my permission! Thank you very much :)

By the way, congratulations to the DLSU Animo Squad for bagging 4th place in the 2010 National Cheerleading Championships last Saturday (March 6, 2010)! We are so proud of you. ♥

(watch out for Iya and Harby's amaaaaaaaazing pass at 1:03-1:10!)


Anonymous said...

great pics! maybe you should start watermarking if you don't want people to download them randomly :-)


♥ Erika said...

Thanks Elisha! Yeah I should probably do that. I intended to, actually! But I only remembered when I uploaded them already :( I had to upload them for class din eh without any editing so I used the same photos nalang for the blog. Took so long to upload the photos coz the file sizes are huge!

☆ Desa said...

yeah i was gonna suggest you put watermarks on your pictures, naunahan na ko ni elisha haha!