It's fashion, it's strobe lights, it's rollercoasta

Some time last week, my blockmates asked me to model for their midterm project for their studio photography class. They were required to copy some photos of professional photographers of their choice.

Here are the pegs and their takes on the photos:

Original photo by Veruschka
Veruschka, dress by Kimberly, New York, January 1967IMG_0042
Original photo by Rolston
Photo by Olaf
Photos by Chat Chua, Tricia Cacho, Ely Ong and Winni Hui
Post-processing by me

There's one more peg and take on the way, taken by my other friend--and it's probably my favorite among the bunch. I will show you guys next time. :)

And as for my blog title, I've got a new LSS! Last night I finally got around to listening to Robin Thicke's Sex Therapy album (I only used to listen to Sex Therapy and not the rest of the songs) and it is amaaaaazing. He has got to have one of the sexiest voices everrrr! Here's one of my favorites from the album--Rollercoasta feat. Estelle. Enjoy. :)


More HH and then some...


And on a prettier (HAHA) note...



I've Lived My Life As A Ghost

Last week was DLSU's University Week.
Last week, I lived my life as a ghost at Harlequin Theatre Guild's Haunted Hall 2. :)

I'd have to say it was one of the best experiences I've ever had! I enjoyed helping out HTG and I'm glad they allowed me to :) it was hilarious watching people go through the hall screaming their hearts out for fear ;p there were times when I had to drop my character because I couldn't contain my laughter! All the curses from the audience, bruises and scratches were definitely worth it. :)

The last day would have to be my favorite. There were too many 'ghosts' inside the hall so I decided to walk around school for publicity instead. It was extremely hard to stay in character especially when your friends call and talk to you!!! But I think I was able to manage pretty well. ;p and I felt like such a celebrity! So many pictures, lol. Here are the ones I found around Facebook so far:


So, what do you guys think of my ghostly self? ;p if anyone sees more photos of me during my ghostly days on Facebook, please do tag me! :)

Oh and btw, have I mentioned that in the Haunted Hall, we actors weren't the only ones scaring the audience? Hmmmm. Yes we've had our own share of paranormal activities in the HH! Thank God it's over. But it's something that I'd definitely miss! Thank you again, HTG :) I love you guys! I'd be willing to help out again next year. :)


Tears of Jopiness

Joy + happiness = jopiness! (Caligner, 2011)

This morning I felt like today was going to be a great day. It really was, until late tonight :| not expounding anymore. Today I also finally decided that I will have "la vita e bella ♥" in my handwriting tattooed on my wrist soon :)

Moving on to my outfit...

Forever21 tank top, Forever21 vest, XOXO jeans, chain belt, Forever21 ring, Charriol ring, camera necklace, Swatch watch, Balmain scarf, H&M shoes

So funny how I was in class awhile ago and my friend and I only noticed that we were wearing the exact same pair of shoes after! So cute coz they're both new and they both came from H&M Hong Kong! :) oh and check out my 'boobies' baller! Thanks, JL!

On another note, the DLSU Animo Squad competed in the NCC 2011 qualifiers last weekend and they made it to the finals! Congratulations, guys :)

Anyway it's time to get back to work. I'll be up all night tonight editing a travel segment for class tomorrow :(

Balmain x MAC

Right now: Balmain scarf used as turban and MAC Pink Nouveau ♥

Inspired by Aimee Song of Songofstyle :) today's gonna be a good day!

Intramuros Photo Walk x Video Shoot

All photos taken and post-processed by me :)

Went on an Intramuros adventure with Michelle yesterday afternoon to shoot our travel segment for one of our (most hassle) majors. Funny how the people there (kutseros, pedicab drivers) kept on talking to us in English thinking we were tourists! :) maybe it was my hair color and that both of us were donning cameras while walking around ;)

While walking around looking for locations to shoot videos, I grabbed the opportunity to take my first photo walk! I wasn't able to take much though :( I'd definitely go on more photo walks in the future :)

PS. going back there on Friday for the pay-day buffet dinner at Bistro Marinero! Who wants to come with? :)