Intramuros Photo Walk x Video Shoot

All photos taken and post-processed by me :)

Went on an Intramuros adventure with Michelle yesterday afternoon to shoot our travel segment for one of our (most hassle) majors. Funny how the people there (kutseros, pedicab drivers) kept on talking to us in English thinking we were tourists! :) maybe it was my hair color and that both of us were donning cameras while walking around ;)

While walking around looking for locations to shoot videos, I grabbed the opportunity to take my first photo walk! I wasn't able to take much though :( I'd definitely go on more photo walks in the future :)

PS. going back there on Friday for the pay-day buffet dinner at Bistro Marinero! Who wants to come with? :)


aka Procne said...

Intramuros is beautiful. I love them English-speaking kutseros!

Megann Monday said...

Great photos Erix! :) I really love your shots.