2010 was a pretty darn amazing year

I usually make year-end posts but this year I got lazy to do so, teehee. Nevertheless, this year was pretty darn amazing ♥ I got so many of my firsts and there were a bunch of ups and downs but I think it was still the best year yet! The year I turned eighteen is probably my wildest year ever, and I look forward to wilder years to come! :P

Dear friends and darlings, thank you for being part of my awesome 2010. We shall all start the new year with a bang! ♥ HAPPY NEW YEAR :)

Shoe Collection Part 1

This one's for you, anon from formspring who asked me to post my shoe collection :) this is part 1! I still have a couple shoes in the condo, might do that post some time next week. :)

Parisian lace-up wedges, Parisian peep-toe boots, Forever 21 peep-toe wedges, Charles & Keith booties
Charles & Keith booties, Rusty Lopez heels, Syrup peep-toes, Couch oxfords
Superga gold sneakers, Charles & Keith flats, Parisian flats, Payless flats

Suede boots, Kenneth Cole Reaction boots, Florsheim boots, SM pumps
Crocs flats, unbranded wedges, Chuck Taylors high cut, Chuck Taylors low cut
unbranded slippers, Champion pink sneakers, Ripcurl red sneakers

7 hours til the New Year! Have a blast, everyone! :)

Erika ♥


You know the words, so sing along for me baby

Forever 21 tube top, Forever 21 skirt, Parisian heels, Nine West bag, Forever 21 ring, belt

This be my friend Kim. He is new to Lookbook, so hype him, everyone!

My camera was acting up again so we had to do with the camera of the new iPod Touch. :(

Hung out with my friend Kim at High Street today. Accompanied him to buy some cake for his parents and ended up getting treated to some Sonja's red velvet and Starbucks! Yay thanks Kim :)

The weather this afternoon was so perfect--sunny yet breezy. Wish it were like this all the time in the Philippines!

Check this out--
Little souvenir from Starbucks (which I stuck to my wallet :P)! I felt so badass. :>

Tomorrow I think I will be stuck at home. :( time for a movie marathon, perhaps? :)

PS. if only I had been more aware, I could've stayed longer for the Facehunter event in Fully Booked and met fellow bloggers! :(



"I felt it. I felt perfect. I was perfect."



I am in loooooooove. For some reason, this was the concept I had in mind for my short film, Leap, which I made in August (as a final requirement for my video production class). Funny how it actually came to life without me doing it HAHAHA

Natalie Portman is such a classy and elegant woman (congratulations to her for her engagement and pregnancy!) and Mila Kunis is hotstuff. Enough said.

Watching Black Swan made me miss ballet. :(

Choreography was great.
Cinematography was great.
Casting was perfect.

11 out of 10 stars!!!

Something I'd definitely watch over and over. Looks like I got myself a new favorite movie! :)


(all images grabbed off Tumblr)

Believe Me When I Say She Got That Whole Place Glowin'

One dress, eight tops, five skirts, one bra, three pairs of shoes, one lipstick, foundation, concealer and bronzer later, all my Christmas money and gift certificates are gone. BUT I AM A HAPPY BEE :) (will post my hauls as outfit shots when I get to wear them!)

And just when I thought of starting my "project Victoria's Secret Angel", I realized that New Year is coming up and we still have Media Noche! MORE FOOOOOOOOD. I guess Project VSAngel can wait til the New Year ;)

So for now, let me leave you with some photos of my favorite Angels, Candice Swanepoel, Rosie Huntington-Whitely, Alessandra Ambrosio and Behati Prinsloo!

Erika :)

Love has surely shifted my way, marry me today and every day

Forever 21 dress, Parisian boots, vintage choker, vintage purse, belt, Swatch watch, Forever 21 ring, Aldo earrings

Attended my relatives' golden wedding anniversary today. Attending weddings give me this particular happy vibe :) the food was great, the program was too, I just couldn't stand the venue and cold that much (for some reason I am a plant hater and unfortunately, the event was held in Glass Gardens, a hall decorated with plants, plants and more plants *sigh*).

Great timing JM has as he introduced me to Train's Marry Me just before I left the house for the wedding. It's such a cutesy song, listening to it made me dream about my own wedding! For the first time in my entire life, I actually have an almost-clear picture of my wedding in mind -- from the makeup (HAHA), dress, venue, and of course (hihi I really hope soooo), groom. ;) love has surely shifted my way! ♥

And of course, Bruno Mars' Marry You, my week-long LSS ♥

Annual Angeles Christmas x Clean-up Sales

December 26, 2010: Much less people, much less games, much less gifts and early dismissal but still fun nonetheless. :)

Nine West bag, ukay-ukay blazer, Forever 21 top, unbranded skirt, Parisian wedges, Aldo hoops, Swatch watch, Forever 21 rings

Braved the Forever 21 sale with my cousins from the other side of the family after. I looooove clean-up sales! I scored 8 items from Forever 21 for just 1.5k! IMAGINE THAT! Most amazing shopping spree so far. :) going back with friends within the week (I heard they change stocks every day so I'm definitely sure to find new stuff!) :D


I've Been An Awful Good Girl, Santa Baby

Although my Christmas spirit this year isn't as strong as the previous years', my Christmas wasn't as bad as I expected it to be. Noche Buena was good, Christmas lunch was good, and my "webcam drinking session" with friends was epic! And of course, who wouldn't love the gifts? :) here are the stuff I opened on Christmas day! (you can easily tell which one's my favorite!)

1.-6. MAC Noble Knights Lash & Line Eye Bag (Fluidline in Blitz & Glitz, 209 brush, Zoomblack Zoom Lash and Teal pigment colour powder)
7. bubble skirt
8. Elf lip plumper in Ruby Kiss and Fire Coral, Sally Hansesn Patent Leather lip shine in Stiletto Red
9. Aziza mascara, Elf waterproof eyeliner pen in brown
10. bag hanger

And of course... what I wore :)

G&Q top, People are People jeans, Parisian lace-up peep-toe wedges, camera necklace, Forever 21 rings

Hope you guys had a wonderful celebration! Mine doesn't even end tonight. One more lunch tomorrow! More gifts and money hopefully ;) can't wait to go shopping again!

Merry Christmas again everyone! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS! ;)


Merry Christmas, Darlings!

Hey guys! I hope you would enjoy this year's Christmas :) happy holidays, everyone!

My new favorite way of doing my make-up: well-defined brows + pink lipstick!! :)

Me in my messy room which would probably get messier by tonight. ;p

I was able to take decent photos over the weekend because I had my roommate's lens with me, but I can't promise any more quality photos this holiday season because my lens is acting up :( apparently it hates light (which is SOOOOO weird)! It's only able to take photographs in the dark, or not so well-lit places. Plus there's something wrong with my built-in flash, it won't pop open. :( I AM IN DIRE NEED OF A NEW LENS!!! Or a new camera, teehee (hi 7D?) ;;)

I'll try my best to still update you guys over the holidays. I could probably do with my webcam (*sigh*) or my Casio digital camera! :)

Again, merry Christmas everyone! Eat well for Noche Buena and enjoy the holidays :)


Shoes Make Me Happy

Three new pairs of shoes for Christmas and it's not even Christmas yet! Thank you dear wallet (and a little bit from Kim's HAHA) for permitting me to purchase these three lovely babies!

1. Parisian beige ankle boots
2. Parisian black peep-toe wedges
3. Forever 21 peep-toe wedges

I remember hating the items from SM before but look who's stepped up their game! I am in love with their total shoe design makeover :) thank you Philippine Fashion Week! Great designs for cheap!

Can't wait to see if I'll be receiving more shoes this Christmas! :3

PS. is it just me or is Photobucket acting up? I can't seem to upload properly, I had to upload my images to Blogger :(