Merry Christmas, Darlings!

Hey guys! I hope you would enjoy this year's Christmas :) happy holidays, everyone!

My new favorite way of doing my make-up: well-defined brows + pink lipstick!! :)

Me in my messy room which would probably get messier by tonight. ;p

I was able to take decent photos over the weekend because I had my roommate's lens with me, but I can't promise any more quality photos this holiday season because my lens is acting up :( apparently it hates light (which is SOOOOO weird)! It's only able to take photographs in the dark, or not so well-lit places. Plus there's something wrong with my built-in flash, it won't pop open. :( I AM IN DIRE NEED OF A NEW LENS!!! Or a new camera, teehee (hi 7D?) ;;)

I'll try my best to still update you guys over the holidays. I could probably do with my webcam (*sigh*) or my Casio digital camera! :)

Again, merry Christmas everyone! Eat well for Noche Buena and enjoy the holidays :)

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