Meet Princess Glitter

I'd like for you all to meet my baby, Princess Glitter! I got her a few days ago (thank you so much kuya Yucel!) and she's been nothing but a sweetheart--getting naughtier and naughtier by the day, though. She's a shih tzu x lhasa apso hybrid and don't you guys think she looks like a baby Chewbacca?

She's starting to take over my bed. Although I don't mind much, I try to get mad at her sometimes. It's just so hard to get mad at such a cute face like hers!

Btw, she's my first pet ever!!!! Do you guys have any interesting stories about your first pets? Please do share--I'd love to hear all of them! Enlighten me :)


Skin Care Technology

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Pretty awesome right? If you want to know more about these products, head on over to http://www.tanda.com!

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Silverdancelebration: Athletes of God

Well here's to not moving on (lol)! A few days before the competition itself, I was asked to join my dance team for the opening number of Silverdancelebration. It's funny because they hardly see me as an alumna--it's as if I'm still a current member! Since I wasn't able to perform for last year's Rockdancelebration, I didn't pass up this chance. Heck, the choreography was pretty awesome. So were the costumes.

By the way, congratulations to Ateneo for sweeping the entire competition! I am in awe, especially to the jazz team. Here's their winning piece:

Great song selection. Felt every bit of it in the dance! And igniiiiiiite your bones.

Here are couple of silly photos in the dressing room. To the future!

Congratulations to all the participants! And of course, to my second family, LSDC-Contemporary, for putting up an amazing show. :)



If there's one show I really appreciate watching now, it would be The Voice. Concept and talent-wise, hands down The Voice is amazing! Today I heard one of the most amazing voice duels I've ever heard in my entire life... Anthony Evans and Jesse Campbell's rendition of Alicia Keys' If I Ain't Got You. Not even kidding when I say I cried a bit--they're that amazing. Unfortunately embedding has been disabled by the uploader on youtube so all I can do for you guys is link it... so here it is! Don't you miss out on it because I swear it's crazy intense and I could play it over and over.

On another note, two more days til Silverdancelebration! I've been rehearsing with my team, LSDC-Contemporary, for the past two days now since I suddenly got asked to perform for the competition's opening number. So to whoever's watching, see you guys there! It's going to be a pretty intense competition so I suggest you guys don't miss out ;-) this Saturday, 10th of March, 3pm for the high school division and 6:30pm for the college division. Teresa Yuchengco Auditorium, DLSU Manila. Tickets are at 200 each!


Perfect. Just Perfect.

An hour's worth of sexy eargasm.
Birthday Suit - The Weeknd
Beg For It - Chris Brown
Nobody - Keith Sweat
Sex Room (feat. Trey Songz) - Ludacris
Sex Therapy - Robin Thicke
Nice and Slow - Usher
Neighbors Know My Name - Trey Songz
End of the Night - Bei Maejor
Outside - The Weeknd
Motivation (feat. Lil Wayne) - Kelly Rowland
Clothes Off - HBK
Quickie - Miguel
Slow Dance - Keri Hilson
That's What It's Made For - Usher
So Beautiful - Musiq Soulchild
Can U Handle It? - Usher
Knockin' Da Boots - H-Town
Falsetto - The Dream
What You Need - The Weeknd
So Anxious - Ginuwine
Give It To You - iamsu!
Like My Bass - Tha Outfit
Up (feat. LoveRance & iamsu!) - YG


Instant Happiness: Banana Potato!

Too cute for my life.

Despicable Me 2 teaser trailer

The Future Begins Here

My 'styling duties' begin here, lol.

Photobomb, hiiii.

And some BTS/outtakes of my part of the shoot

I swear, sometimes, test shots even turn out better than the actual shots.

And now, actual shots of Majapoo.

Isn't she adorable? :)

Again, photos by Eunice Ablola.


Of Interviews and Photo Shoots

Topshop tank top, vintage pants, Brash heels

Maja's sunglasses, gifted necklace

Forever 21 rings

Wore this (plus a blazer which I took off coz it was extremely hot) today to a job interview. I love how this outfit, with the blazer, looks all corporate and professional but once you remove the blazer and heels, it's all summery! It was the perfect outfit for today's weather. Can't wait to hit the beach!

Been starting my days pretty early for the past week. I scooted off to my alma mater after my interview to hang out with a couple of friends. Ended up assisting a friend with a photo shoot and having some of my photos taken as well--hence today's photos (thanks Eunice :D)! I'll tell you more about the shoot in my next post but for now, a couple more shots of me:

Photos by Eunice Ablola

PS. Excuse my ugly roots. Gonna have my hair retouched soon!