Of Interviews and Photo Shoots

Topshop tank top, vintage pants, Brash heels

Maja's sunglasses, gifted necklace

Forever 21 rings

Wore this (plus a blazer which I took off coz it was extremely hot) today to a job interview. I love how this outfit, with the blazer, looks all corporate and professional but once you remove the blazer and heels, it's all summery! It was the perfect outfit for today's weather. Can't wait to hit the beach!

Been starting my days pretty early for the past week. I scooted off to my alma mater after my interview to hang out with a couple of friends. Ended up assisting a friend with a photo shoot and having some of my photos taken as well--hence today's photos (thanks Eunice :D)! I'll tell you more about the shoot in my next post but for now, a couple more shots of me:

Photos by Eunice Ablola

PS. Excuse my ugly roots. Gonna have my hair retouched soon!

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