New Look!

Nah, not me (not yet!). My closet! :-) just in time for the new year, eh?

Do you like it? Coz I love it! FINALLY a splash of color in my room! The entire process (removing of clothes from the closet, unscrewing the handles and hooks, cleaning the doors, painting them, letting them dry, re-arranging the clothes & bags) only took a whole day.


All my clothes piled on my bed! Had to sleep in my mom's room for the night xD

Time to paint! (that's me and my mom)

60+ bags all piled on the floor! And those aren't even all of my bags @-) I've got tons more in the other house! I got my love for bags from my mom xD she's got a huge collection as well!

All done fixing! Look, more space (finally got the boxes on the lower shelf out)! Btw, I've harvested TONS of vintage clothes again yesterday from boxes here at home [mostly my grandma's clothes from the 60's and 70's and my aunt's from the 80's]. Most of them are blazers and dresses which I can't wait to wear and show you guys!

My shoe rack that SERIOUSLY needs an upgrade! I hate how my shoes are on top of each other :-(

Can't wait to paint the walls next (not in the same color, of course! Mom's thinking mustard?). :-)


Still No Christmas Money For Me

Get Laud dress, black winter tights from HK, Charles & Keith gold-striped ankle boots, So FAB ring

Today we had our annual Angeles reunion. Less people went so there weren't much events unlike before. We used to play tons of games and get loads of gifts--now we only had one game which I didn't even participate in (mom did and won a vintage watch for me!). I still think the reunion three years ago was the best!

Foooood. :-)

Chit-chatting... sharing stories from the past!

Me & cousin Kat

I took photos of mom & her outfit too:

I still didn't receive any Christmas money. No Christmas money for me this year! :-( nothing to spend for the next 2 months :((


Candy Bling

Check out my new bling!

Got this ring yesterday when I accompanied my mom in her shoe shopping. I wasn't supposed to get anything but ended up bringing home this sparkly baby anyway! See I'm not much of a ring person (I'm more of a bracelets kinda girl), but I just couldn't resist seeing this ring and not bringing it home! Plus it's in my favorite color!


Candy Bling - Mariah Carey

On an unrelated note, I'm currently having a closet makeover! Will post about it as soon as it's done. ;-) cleaning and painting it red!


Skins Is My Drug

Photos: e4.com
More photos on my Tumblr!

I'm very excited for series 4 to come out! JANUARY!!!!! :x

It's weird how Kaya Scodelario doesn't have a solo promo picture while everyone else do. But whatever, she looks extremely hot in the group picture! And I'm pretty excited to see their outfits, too! Effy and Katie have the best ones, in my opinion.

Skins marathon this week!!! Anyone care to join me? ;-) seasons 1-3 baby!

(edit @ 11:39pm)
I saw Kaya's solo promo pic on JustJared which is exactly the same one as the photo edited into the group shot... so I'm not reposting anymore ;-)

Girl Crush: KStew

I'm starting to develop a girl crush on Kristen Stewart because of this:

The Runaways teaser trailer

At 0:16 and 0:32, Kristen reminds me so much of Kate Moennig (Shane McCutcheon on The L Word who I have a huuuuuge girl crush on)! And even if we didn't see much of Dakota in the teaser, I know she'll be awesome in this. She always is, no matter how small her role is (she rocked New Moon with that intense glare)! I can't wait for this movie to come out! It'll rock, most definitely :-)

So many good movies coming out in 2010! 2010, bring it on!


Coming Out Of The Closet

...literally ;-)

Vintage corduroy pants, red leotard, Roberta velvet blazer, Matthews by CMG beige leather peep-toe pumps, Chanel 2.55 classic flap bag, People are People studded belt, random necklaces and bracelets

My lola gave me these corduroy pants a few months back and they've been sitting in the back of my closet since then. It was only today that I got to wear them because I finally found a way to wear them! Inspiration: thestylishwanderer

When I got them, I didn't really know how I could wear them... but voila! At first I thought it looked really chunky and I wouldn't be able to pull it off, but I think I wore it pretty well ;-) what do you guys think?

Wore this out to a late Christmas lunch with my grandma's side of the family, the Zaragozas :-) another Christmas celebration coming up (Wednesday)!

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