New Look!

Nah, not me (not yet!). My closet! :-) just in time for the new year, eh?

Do you like it? Coz I love it! FINALLY a splash of color in my room! The entire process (removing of clothes from the closet, unscrewing the handles and hooks, cleaning the doors, painting them, letting them dry, re-arranging the clothes & bags) only took a whole day.


All my clothes piled on my bed! Had to sleep in my mom's room for the night xD

Time to paint! (that's me and my mom)

60+ bags all piled on the floor! And those aren't even all of my bags @-) I've got tons more in the other house! I got my love for bags from my mom xD she's got a huge collection as well!

All done fixing! Look, more space (finally got the boxes on the lower shelf out)! Btw, I've harvested TONS of vintage clothes again yesterday from boxes here at home [mostly my grandma's clothes from the 60's and 70's and my aunt's from the 80's]. Most of them are blazers and dresses which I can't wait to wear and show you guys!

My shoe rack that SERIOUSLY needs an upgrade! I hate how my shoes are on top of each other :-(

Can't wait to paint the walls next (not in the same color, of course! Mom's thinking mustard?). :-)


Wendy said...

I wish my closet looked like that. The red does pop!

♥ Erika Tan said...

:-D can't wait to do the walls next!

Kelly said...

OoOoOoohh! I love closet posts! It looks like you sure have a lot of treasures & I'm a total sucker for vintage blazers & dresses too ;). Happy New Year!

♥ Erika Tan said...

I do! :-) happy new year, too! Hope you have a good one :-D

Putri Estiani said...

oh gosh what a great DIY project!