Cheers To 2010!

(warning: loaded with photos!)

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Hope you guys enjoyed ringing in the new year as much as I did :-)

Me & my cousin Issa

Mom's old pink striped leotard, black mini skirt, Charles & Keith patent snake leather heels, vintage Swatch watch

For the first time, we lit up our own fireworks! :-D

When the clock struck 12 what did me and my cousins do? JUMP!

Me & my cousins Bea and Issa

Me & my mom

Our neighbor's pretty fireworks :-)

Sparklers :-D

Some cute little firecracker that spins! Too bad we couldn't get a decent picture :-(

Here's to another 525,600 minutes! Goodbye 2009, you've been the kindest you could have been to me (pretty awful year for me, actually. But what the hey, goodbye now!). 2010, bring it on! CHEERS! xx


Poisonn Amour said...

seems like you guys had a great time! and your so pretttty:)
have a safe and great new years!

♥ Erika said...

I did! Thanks :)