Skins Is My Drug

Photos: e4.com
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I'm very excited for series 4 to come out! JANUARY!!!!! :x

It's weird how Kaya Scodelario doesn't have a solo promo picture while everyone else do. But whatever, she looks extremely hot in the group picture! And I'm pretty excited to see their outfits, too! Effy and Katie have the best ones, in my opinion.

Skins marathon this week!!! Anyone care to join me? ;-) seasons 1-3 baby!

(edit @ 11:39pm)
I saw Kaya's solo promo pic on JustJared which is exactly the same one as the photo edited into the group shot... so I'm not reposting anymore ;-)


Alex Dom said...

i love skins!!i love how effy's grown up and so gorg!

♥ Erika Tan said...

Skins is amazing!