Silverdancelebration: Athletes of God

Well here's to not moving on (lol)! A few days before the competition itself, I was asked to join my dance team for the opening number of Silverdancelebration. It's funny because they hardly see me as an alumna--it's as if I'm still a current member! Since I wasn't able to perform for last year's Rockdancelebration, I didn't pass up this chance. Heck, the choreography was pretty awesome. So were the costumes.

By the way, congratulations to Ateneo for sweeping the entire competition! I am in awe, especially to the jazz team. Here's their winning piece:

Great song selection. Felt every bit of it in the dance! And igniiiiiiite your bones.

Here are couple of silly photos in the dressing room. To the future!

Congratulations to all the participants! And of course, to my second family, LSDC-Contemporary, for putting up an amazing show. :)

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