Shoes Make Me Happy

Three new pairs of shoes for Christmas and it's not even Christmas yet! Thank you dear wallet (and a little bit from Kim's HAHA) for permitting me to purchase these three lovely babies!

1. Parisian beige ankle boots
2. Parisian black peep-toe wedges
3. Forever 21 peep-toe wedges

I remember hating the items from SM before but look who's stepped up their game! I am in love with their total shoe design makeover :) thank you Philippine Fashion Week! Great designs for cheap!

Can't wait to see if I'll be receiving more shoes this Christmas! :3

PS. is it just me or is Photobucket acting up? I can't seem to upload properly, I had to upload my images to Blogger :(


Anonymous said...

For how much did you buy them Erix? :)

Erix said...

The first one's 999, the second's 1300 and the last one's 1900 :)

Elisha said...

WOW! Great finds Erix ah!