Annual Angeles Christmas x Clean-up Sales

December 26, 2010: Much less people, much less games, much less gifts and early dismissal but still fun nonetheless. :)

Nine West bag, ukay-ukay blazer, Forever 21 top, unbranded skirt, Parisian wedges, Aldo hoops, Swatch watch, Forever 21 rings

Braved the Forever 21 sale with my cousins from the other side of the family after. I looooove clean-up sales! I scored 8 items from Forever 21 for just 1.5k! IMAGINE THAT! Most amazing shopping spree so far. :) going back with friends within the week (I heard they change stocks every day so I'm definitely sure to find new stuff!) :D


aka Procne said...

OMG. 8 items for 1,5k and at F21? WOW! Pls, pls post your hauls!

Btw, lucky you scored a blazer sa ukay-ukay. I hardly see one that fits me.

Anonymous said...

Anong stuff nabili mo? :)

Erix said...

@aka Procne: yes! Will post them as outfit photos when I get to wear them! I went shopping there again earlier and again, 8 items for 1.5k! :)

@anon: mostly skirts :) and a couple of tops! and a bra HAHA