Love has surely shifted my way, marry me today and every day

Forever 21 dress, Parisian boots, vintage choker, vintage purse, belt, Swatch watch, Forever 21 ring, Aldo earrings

Attended my relatives' golden wedding anniversary today. Attending weddings give me this particular happy vibe :) the food was great, the program was too, I just couldn't stand the venue and cold that much (for some reason I am a plant hater and unfortunately, the event was held in Glass Gardens, a hall decorated with plants, plants and more plants *sigh*).

Great timing JM has as he introduced me to Train's Marry Me just before I left the house for the wedding. It's such a cutesy song, listening to it made me dream about my own wedding! For the first time in my entire life, I actually have an almost-clear picture of my wedding in mind -- from the makeup (HAHA), dress, venue, and of course (hihi I really hope soooo), groom. ;) love has surely shifted my way! ♥

And of course, Bruno Mars' Marry You, my week-long LSS ♥

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