You know the words, so sing along for me baby

Forever 21 tube top, Forever 21 skirt, Parisian heels, Nine West bag, Forever 21 ring, belt

This be my friend Kim. He is new to Lookbook, so hype him, everyone!

My camera was acting up again so we had to do with the camera of the new iPod Touch. :(

Hung out with my friend Kim at High Street today. Accompanied him to buy some cake for his parents and ended up getting treated to some Sonja's red velvet and Starbucks! Yay thanks Kim :)

The weather this afternoon was so perfect--sunny yet breezy. Wish it were like this all the time in the Philippines!

Check this out--
Little souvenir from Starbucks (which I stuck to my wallet :P)! I felt so badass. :>

Tomorrow I think I will be stuck at home. :( time for a movie marathon, perhaps? :)

PS. if only I had been more aware, I could've stayed longer for the Facehunter event in Fully Booked and met fellow bloggers! :(

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Sharina said...

Pretty photos, love!! :)
Haha you took the starbucks sign - lovett! Good job! :)