Tears of Jopiness

Joy + happiness = jopiness! (Caligner, 2011)

This morning I felt like today was going to be a great day. It really was, until late tonight :| not expounding anymore. Today I also finally decided that I will have "la vita e bella ♥" in my handwriting tattooed on my wrist soon :)

Moving on to my outfit...

Forever21 tank top, Forever21 vest, XOXO jeans, chain belt, Forever21 ring, Charriol ring, camera necklace, Swatch watch, Balmain scarf, H&M shoes

So funny how I was in class awhile ago and my friend and I only noticed that we were wearing the exact same pair of shoes after! So cute coz they're both new and they both came from H&M Hong Kong! :) oh and check out my 'boobies' baller! Thanks, JL!

On another note, the DLSU Animo Squad competed in the NCC 2011 qualifiers last weekend and they made it to the finals! Congratulations, guys :)

Anyway it's time to get back to work. I'll be up all night tonight editing a travel segment for class tomorrow :(


Megann Monday said...

Great outfit! Love the rocker vibe Erix! ;)

cherie said...

Love the ring!!