Mermaid Dreams

Marc Jacobs tote, thrifted denim shorts, Bench top, Forever 21 sunglasses

Taken more than a month ago, during my dance company's teambuilding. Probably one of my favorite candid shots to date. When I was a kid I remember wanting to become a mermaid, and when I saw those hot mermaids on the fourth installment of Pirates of the Caribbean I just wanted to become one again. (Un)fortunately for me I am a human being and having mermaid locks is probably the closest thing I could get to becoming one.

I love roomy bags and if you haven't already noticed, I seem to be lugging around this Marc Jacobs tote a lot since it's sack-like and can carry a whole lot of stuff. I also love the fact that it bursts out with color since it can easily accentuate my wardrobe full of neutrals and darks.

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