Kiss on the Lips

I realized that I haven't blogged about Eunice's party yet! Better late than never?

It happened at Kyss last August 13 and it was the second day of my epic weekend. I won't say much about the first day, but let me just say that I wasn't over my hangover from the first day yet when I got to Eunice's! Even before the debutante got to the venue, I was already buzzed. So imagine me for the rest of the night! It was really epic, I swear. It was a roller coaster of emotions, that night.

So lemme just show you some official photos! I hardly bring my camera around anymore since I know others bring theirs anyway and I still haven't had mine fixed xD

With my dolphin friend, Nix.

With my party boyfriend, Chuckie, and the birthday girl, Eunice!

Majagger and Faye :-)

Jason my love!

With Jason, Aiki and Zee :-)

With pep girlies (ate GB, Anya and Tasha) and Kimmieblobs!

I wore my brand new spankin Topshop dress which I got during the buy one take one sale, courtesy of my dad! =))

Last night, I missed out on Maja dear's 18th because I had no ride and it was pretty far from my house. So instead, I went straight to Heather's--totally underdressed! My friends and I didn't think that by "look presentable" she meant LOOK PRESENTABLE! It was a house party for chrissakes, but little did we know that her house was a mansion! LOL it was still a fun party, nevertheless. Unfortunately though, my party mood wasn't on last night so I went home early :-(

Hayayay. I am officially on break and when the term starts again in about a week and a half, all I'll be worrying about is Hueniverse and AUN. It will be a term full of dance dance dance! No more academics for me, hallelujah!

What to do for the rest of this long weekend? On Tuesday, training resumes, which I am not so stoked about, HAHA. But then again I have to start burning off all the calorie intake from finals week!

Anyway, gotta turn my eyes back on the television. DLSU vs. ADMU #nowwatching!!! ANIMO LA SALLE :-)

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