BB Makeover

A couple days ago, the rubber part of my Blackberry chipped off.

I honestly thought it couldn't be replaced anymore but I still tried my luck in Greenhills and whoopee, Greenhills saves! Got a new housing for just a thousand. I opted for something gold but the only available colors were purple, light purple, blue, red and black. I wanted to get the light purple one, but it's the same color as my C3 so I went for the darker one!

Aaaaand check out my new hard/jelly case! I think I'm done with the sparkly studs for now. But I'm definitely not over my orange/gold phase!

I found a matte gold housing online for just a little bit more than a thousand. Mmm, giving it much thought! I'll most likely get it next month, if I have enough money :-)



AVA T.♥ said...

aww this is cute! i want a colored casing for my bb too!

Desa Baking said...

I want the casing! How much yung case?