Paint The Sky With Stars

(warning: photo-heavy post!)

HUENIVERSE -- check!

I'm feeling so emotional now that I'm done with my last concert as a member of the La Salle Dance Company - Contemporary! It was one hell of a show, I tell ya. Gaining so much positive feedback from the audience (I can't believe we actually had a full house on both shows! Happiness ♥) makes me so grateful to have been part of an amazing show.

LSDC-Contemporary has been my family in DLSU for the past 3 years and 1 term and I couldn't seem to think of anyone else I could have spent all those years with. I definitely grew as a dancer in this company. Self-growth, however, well some may attest to it, especially the company members, since I may have been labeled as the most 'evil' one in it hihi. Let's just say they've been trying to change my ways for years but have been failing to do so. I guess I just stick to my principle of 'living young wild and free' too well xD

Maybe I just really am the rebellious one in the family. ;-)

Going back to Hueniverse...

AHHH IT HAS BEEN THE BEST CONCERT YET! It feels so great to have been part of it, and if I could, I'd relive the night of September 16th over and over again! Performing on stage wholeheartedly as my gesture of gratitude to the dance company and to Sir Peter, of course--what a wonderful feeling.

I'm not even kidding when I say that my tears rolled down when the curtains came down after the finale! I've never felt so good after performing. So that was what tears of joy felt like. :-) I personally think it was the best show I have ever performed in, and it probably was also my best performance ever, yet.

Thank you, LSDC-Contemporary and sir Peter, for that wonderful experience. It will be something I will cherish in my heart forever (even if this year I didn't get to fly unlike last year HAHAHA).

I am already at loss for words--mostly because I really hate being the mushy type hihi. And I might end up crying again because I'm definitely going to miss LSDC-Contemporary! One last hurrah for me before I graduate--and that is Malaysia for AUFN in two weeks! (thank you, CAO, for giving me this opportunity before leaving DLSU xD)

Here are some photos and videos from Hueniverse. Enjoy!

Photos by Hannah Adriano, Sean Agustin, Raymond Angat, Ardo Avancena, Dan Cruz, Karl Orteza

Hueniverse opening number // Paint The Sky With Stars + Dare You To Move


7 Deadly Sins Suite // Pride

Jazz // History Repeating (all girls) + Finale (all cast)

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