Cultura Awards

This year, the CAO Awards took form in a more formal system. It felt kind of Oscar-y since it was held in an auditorium and all, but honestly, I prefer the old system better. The first part of the awards night was kind of boring despite having intermission numbers by the groups (including us) and it was more of a bummer that we didn't win any of the group awards. But that's okay because 1) it's been about five to six years since our last nomination(s) so we're actually still very happy with our nominations in four categories and 2) our very own Assistant Company Manager/DM Productions, Reese Corpuz, won Most Dedicated Performer in Dance! :-)

The latter part of the night was very fun. It's great to be part of a big group again! I love how LSDC-Contemporary is big in number at the moment (and I really hope it stays that way--babies please don't quit!) :-D

LSDC-Contemporary senior members' intermission number

My Prod babies! I'm Lola Prod now, since I was last year's DM xD

Contempo! \:D/



THE Bitch and Bitch-to-be. Baby girl, patience is a virtue. You can only start bitchin' by October 16 ;-) for now, the throne is still mine--and everyone knows that.

Momma and lola prod!

Me, pretty much getting caught in the act bullying my lovely babies.

And then some... :-)

People are People dress (I hid the straps to make it a tube dress), Charles and Keith heels, bib necklace worn as headdress

Fun, fun night. Next year, we shall bag more awards!

Photos by Larissa Nodalo and Loyce Lopez

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