HTG's Playfest 2k11

August 4, 2011 - I was lucky enough to be (sort of) invited by the Harlequin Theater Guild to document their Playfest. I've been asking them for a free ticket because I wanted to watch so bad and little did I know that my free ticket would be in the form of grabbing a camera and snapping photos of the show. I have no complaints at all! I think my photos from A Child of My Own (HTG's production last year) turned out pretty well, so I didn't hesitate to give this production a try.

Needless to say, I enjoyed a lot! I'm getting a hang of this events photography thing (hmmm, at least an option for something to do after October graduation!) :-)

Here are some photos from the show:

For more photos, click here.

I hope you guys enjoy my photos as much as I do! Don't hesitate to leave some comments. :-)

Congratulations for putting on a great show, HTG! 2k11, you guys were great actors. Directors (Donna, Ruffy, Jirro and Troy), so much claps for you!!! :-)

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