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Tonight I got to watch Sweet Charity for free! Since my dance coach is part of the cast, he got us four tickets to see the TDR (premiere is tomorrow and gala night is on the 5th). Unfortunately though only two of us (from LSDC) were available tonight. :-(

Since Mica and I got to the venue about an hour and a half earlier than show time, we decided to kill some time at La Creperie. I had some mango hazelnut au chocolate crepe which I thought was just a taste of heaven. :-)

Sweet Charity was such a cute show! I’m encouraging you guys (in Manila) to watch it. It will be running from August 5 to 27, 2011 at the Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium, RCBC Plaza. It’s definitely a must-see!

I'm not gonna spoil here. If you want to know the story, click on the link above. I'd just like to share that I particularly enjoyed the music and the dancing! And the cast was amazing. The chemistry between Nikki Gil and Kris Lawrence was nice and Ciara Sotto's accent was entertaining!

You guys have to go see it for yourselves. :-)

PS. my entry title = ultimate LSS for the night. I am so downloading the soundtrack :-)

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